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    MT-ViKI MT-431AV 4 Way Switch Review

    This is my unit, and I do have to turn off my tuner on input 2 while I am listening to another source on input 1. With the tuner off it is fine — the signal is clean to my ears. With the tuner on I can hear the crosstalk at a low level. So yes, the crosstalk is audible even with a terminated...
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    NAD PP 2e Phono Stage Review

    Since I generally purchase gear to last more than 2-3 years, arguably that would mean a review of an item older than that will be a more accurate review of how the item will perform over time than brand new. Plus, you often don’t know how long an item has been sitting on a shelf before you buy...
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    NAD PP 2e Phono Stage Review

    Thanks for the review! Interestingly, this phono stage always sounded “thin” to me, with less low end than others I A/Bed with. So I expected to see a bit worse EQ on it than the tests reveal. Seems I have golden ears that can hear a less than 0.25db dip (unlikely), the other stages had a bit...
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    MT-ViKI MT-431AV 4 Way Switch Review

    Thanks for getting to this one! This is my unit. The measurements fit with my experience — I've used it to permit additional inputs into an amp with fewer inputs than I have analog sources. I've found I need to turn off my tuner when I'm listening to a different source, as the crosstalk is...
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    Genelec M040 Review (Studio Monitor)

    I know that it takes a lot of effort to do a full Klippel spinorama, but I really do wish more "legacy" speakers had these kinds of measurements available. The used market can have a lot of very cheap speakers, but it's always a crapshoot whether Stereophile or some other review from "back in...
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    Soundkraft Enigma BT Speaker Review

    @Xyrium I have the same aesthetic response to spherical speakers. Something about the form is just visually pleasing, and of course one likes to imagine the theoretical value of doing way with hard baffle edges. As someone currently running some Gallo Nucleus on my desk as nearfield speakers, I...
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    B&W Matrix 2 Upgrade Project

    I wonder if it's possible to source original tweeters somehow. Though the original tweeters are pretty laid back, so if you drop some other tweeters in there with good results you might have a winner mod.
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    B&W Matrix 2 Upgrade Project

    This is intriguing! I have a Matrix 1, which is, as far as I can tell, the same drivers in a smaller but similarly constructed enclosure. As is usual it is hard to find good modern measurements of these older speakers, so it is cool to see the graph for the midwoofer here. Given the stellar...
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    This new amp @ Partsexpress looks interesting, APA1200DSP - high power and DSP

    If I see a fan on an amp I assume it’s for pro installations and not really designed with home audio in mind. Something with this much juice is likely intended for live/club sound where a little fan whir is irrelevant; lower output ones would be kept away in a closet in a studio.
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