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    Why are there so many Snake Oil in this business?

    Because of the post-war baby boom, a generation grew up with the expanding pop music after the mid-60s, the Beatles. As a result, the Japanese audio business grew with medium to large manufacturers seeking better design for low distortion and increased power for amplifiers. Meanwhile American...
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    Genelec used products - from the factory

    I like what they are doing with power over Ethernet speakers. It would make home and commercial installs much easier. It would especially be useful for the speakers that aren't the main LCR.
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    The Case Against OLED

    The big display companies have labs to study that, but I don't know how one would volunteer. There are probably scientific papers on it.
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    The Case Against OLED

    The conference where display research and development is the Society for Information Display. They publish papers and show new wares and prototypes at the conference. I was a member for a while. Displays have more innovation than audio because they have more money! You can do a news search for...
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    Most transparent 8-mic-in audio interface+recorder?

    This is discussed on the Classical Music Location Recording group on Facebook often. Recently people also discussed recording redundancy. Digital transport over Ethernet to the recorder is also discussed (MADI, Dante, etc.) Interfaces with microphone pre - DAD, RME, Millennia, and Merging are...
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    Is Recency Bias fooling us all the time or manufacturers?

    That is a pretty large proposed generalization. It depends on the person. Country breakdowns, age breakdowns, budget breakdowns, ASR participante, high end minus science, audio professionals are first-level segments. My young DJ friends will have their DJ setup in their living room with bigger...
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    Critique of music distribution & return of physical media - Mary Spender 11min video

    This is discussion of the history of music distribution. Physical media releases are increasing sales based on industry data. Spender is a musician herself experiencing the economics of distribution for small artists. It does sound like professionally written advertising copywriting which may...
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    Why are music and audio systems with competent bass only recently a thing?

    Deep bass has been there in organ performance and you can feel bass in your seat in classic concert halls. It is very hard to cut bass in vinyl. Even so, Pink Floyd's Dark Side of the Moon, 1973 has some bass. CDs were early 80s with full range. But you don't want your release medium to damage...
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    Hypex UcD OEM Kelvin connection (feedback taken at speaker terminals)

    I spent a lot of time looking at subwoofers with feedback. There is one in the review database from Rhythmik. Velodyne, Mackie, and others have used the technique to reduce distortion. They used accelerometers on the cone or measured electronically. (Velodyne made great products. They...
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    A Call For Humor!

    Pfft silver wires for audio! This is an analog computer from the 1950s. Analog computers share a lot with audio - op amps, filters, gain. Analog synths also have a lot in common.
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    New mobile phone spec allows spatial audio | Nokia demonstrates prototype

    The specification is 3GPP low delay Immersive Video and Audio Services. It is a variable bit rate system. One could imagine it connected to your home system or used in conference rooms for telepresence...
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    AI and Future of Music Production

    Dreamtronics SynthesizerV is a singing voice software Youtube Channel: Website: They are building a library of voices, one would guess they are individual training voices. Paid and free versions.
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    Why aren't there DSP-speakers with external electronics?

    Both ATC and Present Day Productions MUM have external crossover-DSP + amplifiers. Lake does it.
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    Restoring 28 years old speakers - Worth it?

    I recently reconed 70's JBL monitors. I fortunately found a professional shop with original manufacturer new old stock (in Seattle, WA). My speakers bought locally had been abused in one each LF and MF drivers, supposably by a famous producer. With my reconing, I would probably break even...
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    Study of microphone placement for orchestral instruments

    This video provides a short introduction to a microphone placement database with samples. It goes to our many discussions on soundstage. The sound comes from several places on an instrument. Each instrument is different and comes in general flavors. For instance...
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    Heavy curtains as acoustic room treatment?

    It looks like you have a fine room to work with. I would subjectively make your own notes in different listening positions with different content. I would measure the room with a microphone and software designed for that in your listening positions. Calibrated USB measurement microphones are...
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    What volume level do you use for classical music? Loud or quiet? What are your opinions regarding relaxation and volume?

    I would not go as loud as rock or pop on headphones. There is an iPhone NIOSH app that is an accurate sound SPL meter. (It was not done on Android because there is too much variation in Android hardware makers) If you are an orchestra or big band musician, you will be exposed to higher...
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    Is Dolby Atmos the Future of Music or a Complicated Fad?

    Wrong question. Dolby makes money on licensing playback nodes. So like DolbyVision in TVs, you would find it licensed in AVRs, sound bars, smart speakers, possibly TVs where the TV has a way to send it somewhere, and in headphones & earbuds. There might be a fee for say Spotify to use the...
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    A Call For Humor!

    Compilation of vintage audio commercials
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