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    CSS Criton 1TD-X Kit Speaker Review

    I agree with you. I think people get caught up in these near-field and estimated room response curves when actual measurements in people‘s actual listening rooms are nothing like what is shown here. I agree these measurements can reveal some serious design flaws in some speakers, but for a...
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    CSS Criton 1TD-X Kit Speaker Review

    In my listening room, I saw a big bump from 150 Hz to 400 Hz, so I pulled that down. interestingly, I also got a slight dip from 2K to 6K, so I pulled that up, although in another room this dip was 1K to 4K. I also had a cancellation mode at 110 Hz which I’ve pulled up a bit (Though I’m not a...
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    CSS Criton 1TD-X Kit Speaker Review

    I built the non-X version (1TD) last spring/summer as my first ever hifi system (now paired with a powernode and a KEF KC-62 sub in a treated room). And I gotta say, I love them. actual in-room response is way different from what the Klippel measures so I wouldn’t engage too heavily in those...
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    Meze 109 Pro

    They sent me a new pair as well. So far so good. Hope these new pairs last :)
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    Meze 109 Pro

    Interesting. The left side was also what failed on my first pair. It started to buzz badly. I got them replaced. I hope the new pair lasts. Never heard of any quality issues on other meze models - hope they sort this out.
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    Meze 109 Pro

    My 109 pro just failed after only a month of very light use. I realize it’s a new model in early production but yikes.
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    Lyngdorf TDAI-1120 questions

    Oh wow. +10dB is a lot. Is the max delta a parameter you can control?
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    NAD D3045 Review (Integrated Amplifier)

    A good cross-shop for this might be the new powernode (N330). It has eARC, 2 way BT, AirPlay 2 (!), DAC, and all the rest in a super-integrated chassis for $950. I don’t know how it measures, but featureset wise they’re close. Of course, the powernode doesn’t have a built in phono stage but adds...
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    Focal Stellia Review (Closed Back Headphone)

    Oh boy lol. This review confirms my brief listening impression from this weekend. Accidentally auditioned these at a local high end hifi dealer (Command AV in Falls Church, VA). He had them hooked up to a Naim Unity Headphone edition amp, representing a $3000 value. So the system I was listening...
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