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    Serious Question: How can DAC's have a SOUND SIGNATURE if they measure as transparent? Are that many confused?

    I have three Moode Audio setups hooked up to different DACs. A low cost Burr Brown comparable to a Hifiberry DAC, a Modi+, and an SMSL SU-1. There is no difference I can hear in the music that is audible to my ears. You would think the cheap $25 Burr Brown would lag behind but not in my range of...
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    moOde audio player for Raspberry Pi

    Very happy to see version 9 get an official release. Set it up on my Pi 5 using the Argon one case and Dac and everything is working flawlessly. I have lost all interest in the Wiim or anything else for streaming. This software does exactly what I need and sorts my library exactly the way I have...
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    WiiM Ultra

    I'm sure it will be a tough price point for their competition to deal with. This seems like a home run. All your analog and digital sources going through a good preamp and DAC with PEQ. Also a solid streamer with a screen. If the DAC is as good as previous products and the phono preamp is good...
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    Show us your Raspberry PIs, Intel NUCs and other mini PCs!

    I have tumbled back down the rabbit hole of Raspberry PIs after a couple of years away. I used Volumio on a Pi 3B for a few years but it got unstable at one point and I just shut it down and started listening different ways. Moode Audio caught my attention and I setup an old 3B+ and Hifiberry...
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    How good is bad? (Raspberry Pi 4B headphone output DAC review)

    They dropped it on the Pi 5. No big loss apparently.
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    How good is bad? (Raspberry Pi 4B headphone output DAC review)

    PS Audio designing a DAC near the quality of the audio jack on a PI is somehow not surprising. I'll stick with USB DACs and digital out hats for my Pi setups.
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    Plexamp Headless

    Thank you. I needed to restart terminal to get it to do the 16.20.2 switch. Got everything working including it autoloading on reboot. Love that gapless works now. When I use Plexamp on my phone using Chromecast to a Wiim it doesn't support gapless. This is very nice.
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    Plexamp Headless

    I have my pi 5 setup, but my first try following the Lon.TV guide installed Node 18 instead of 16. I will retry using the guide here.
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    moOde audio player for Raspberry Pi

    I was thinking of setting up Volumio on a Pi 5, but while I'm waiting for that to ship I set this up on an old Pi 3B+ with a HifiBerry Digi+ hat and I'm impressed. This is performing much better with my NAS than Volumio did on a Pi 3. I went ahead and setup my 7in Pi touch screen too and will...
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    DIY Streamer based on Raspberry Pi 5

    I wanted to run Volumio again and ended up grabbing a Pi 5. It is overkill, but a PI 4 wasn't much cheaper and I've used Volumio on a Pi 3 and it worked but could get sluggish and crash. May try some other options as well. I really just wanted to play around with one of these again and $60...
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    Yamaha R-S202 Receiver Review

    I looked at this one, but went with a much older Yamaha HTR-5650 to get the sub out and crossover support for $20. Hard to pass up everyone basically giving away their old audio equipment. The Yamaha I have also supports banana plugs. Can't stand those spring clips.
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    Can I be just nuts?

    Seems sane to me. I do most of my listening in a home office and just enjoy listening. It is a smaller room and once I got my speakers setup where I finally liked it and got the sub crossover set right I don't see any need to touch anything. My setup is very budget, but the equipment is all...
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    WiiM Pro Plus - Review & Measurements (Streamer)

    I'm interested in the Ultra, but I'm not sure how expensive it will be. Features I don't need like the upgraded DAC and phono stage may push it out of my budget.
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    Mytek Brooklyn Bridge II Streamer Review

    This seems like the type of product Darko would praise for its detail and musicality. I'll stick with my Wiim Pro Plus.
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    WiiM Amp Streaming Amplifier Review

    It is hard to pass up the bargains as many people practically give away good equipment. I considered the Wiim Amp when it was first announced but I'm really happy with an old Yamaha paired with a Wiim Pro Plus. I spent under $200 total getting the Wiim on sale and the receiver for $10. For an...
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    The once a year POWER CABLE discussion!

    This is really nice and organized. My stereo rack has cables, piled on cables, piled on cables in the back of it. As long as I don't hear a hum and I don't look back there I'm good, but I really wish I did have the energy to be this organized.
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    Can anyone explain the vinyl renaissance?

    Walmart and Target as well. However, supporting local record stores is something I would prefer to do if possible, but with records it isn't worth the expense if I get one scratched badly or pitted out of the package. Most of my record buying is on Bandcamp. The indie bands I have supported on...
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    Can anyone explain the vinyl renaissance?

    Agree. Back in the 80s it was a non issue. Record stores would allow it to be returned because they could send it back and get credit. Now they charge $30 for a record and most record stores (in my area at least) don't accept returns because their supplier won't take the defective records back.
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    Can anyone explain the vinyl renaissance?

    To me, it is no loudness war crushed to death dynamics. The only time I prefer a record is when the mastering of the CD is so harsh to my ears I would rather have the surface noise of the record for the dynamic range. The most recent Black Pumas release is an example. Their first album was...
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    Can anyone explain the vinyl renaissance?

    I like records and even I can't understand an audiophile spending tens of thousands of dollars on vinyl equipment and $150 for a one step Mofi record for an end result that is still going to be well below the sound quality of an $80 SMSL DAC and a well mastered digital file.
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