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    (Unofficial) Topping D50 III DAC review and measurements

    For those wondering, why EQ if only for USB? Well, here's one - work computers with fairly strict software installation limitations. I don't want to pay for Roon, and EqualizerAPO isn't an option. One ticket for the initial software installation, then I can move on and save money each month...
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    Dan Clark Aeon Closed X - no bass, repaired and no change

    Another variable - glasses. These appear extremely susceptible to these. That vacuum like pressure is a near necessity for these DCA units, it appears. That makes the chart above make sense too - the old pads didn't seal well, so no bass. But, the open baffle HE-400i handles its level of bass...
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    Dan Clark Aeon Closed X - no bass, repaired and no change

    Update - I changed the earpads. There was no change. UNTIL... Well, I have no idea. Maybe they didn't seal properly right away. But something changed, dramatically. Today (day 4 or 5 with the new pads), the bass is phenomenal. It doesn't play much below 30hz, but I am entirely alright with...
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    Dan Clark Aeon Closed X - no bass, repaired and no change

    Hello all, I kept feeling disappointed in the bass of these headphones. Reading up on these and similarly priced headphones by Dan Clark Audio (one of which was reviewed here: link) suggests that these should play well into sub-bass frequencies. I couldn't shake the feeling that something was...
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    AV123 / GR Research X-Voce Speaker Review

    Chiming in to say that I have a pair of X-Statik. I like them, for what it's worth, but I had to EQ the hell out of it. That bass error is present. In fact, that graph the customer sent you of their 2nd x-voce looks exactly like my in-room response from my X-Static. In fact, I made a post about...
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    Audible difference in high-end capacitors? - ABX samples

    Possible to do some kind of "waterfall" test? I'd be curious to see how capacitors holding on to energy might be relevant. I believe the term is Capacitor Discharge Time Constant, which describes how different capacitors hold energy for differing periods of time when asked to discharge. I...
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    Is FR the only important measurement? Real life testing.

    Hmm. I gotta say that this makes me a bit uncomfortable. I agree with everything, so I feel silly making a fuss about this, but I also agree with all the verbiages used to describe the tubes and sounds, especially the differences between the amp types. As a guitar player, I have experienced...
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    EQ room correction, needfor chest thumping bass

    Hello all, I just got set up with a MiniDSP Flex (No DIRAC). I wanted to play with the EQ for my 2.1 system. I played around with REW, averaging from different seated positions, and seeing how EQ changes did or did not affect how the speakers responded in the room. After playing around some...
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    Topping L30 II Review (Headphone Amp)

    Curious for a teardown, how are they bashing around the competition so badly for so little money? If it were easy, everybody would do it - what is going on in that little box?
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    Mark Levinson No 5909 Headphone Review

    I am curious if you've seen the measurements? They have charts and targets/audibility thresholds for things like group delay and phase/amplitude/frequency mismatch (with targets relative to frequency, so some science is involved). Further, passive soundstage is measured in things I...
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    GR Research

    Fully understand, I am going through the exact same dilemma. But, I have some thoughts: 1 - Yes. I have his semi-open baffle X-Statik's. I love them. 2 - Yes. There are equations you can use to identify the rate they drop off. Audible? No idea, probably not.
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