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    Marantz AV10 + NAD M66 Master

    hi all! so i have a 5.2 setup: Marantz AV10 McIntosh MC303 (connected to center and rears) McIntosh MC462 (connected to L+R) Sonus Faber Amati G5 (L+R) Sonus Faber Vox G3 Center Sonus Faber Olympica Nova 1 (Rears) right now i am using a bluesound node as my streamer connected via coax digital...
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    receiver + 2channel amp

    If only we could be blind A/B test….. :)
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    receiver + 2channel amp

    and sorry 90% movies/tv and 10% 2 channel music kalediscope for movies Apple TV for really everything else
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    receiver + 2channel amp

    appreciate your feedback! would you even get a MC152 (baby McIntosh) or just run everything through the Cinema 30 until I upgrade speakers...
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    receiver + 2channel amp

    hi just bumping if anyone has a thought.... any reality in marantz "hurting" the chain by being the source to the McIntosh? i am a gamer so having latest hdmi (4k/120, etc) audio/video formats are important to me. i would rather change my reciever/processor every 2-3 years than my amp
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    Revel F328Be Speaker Review

    good to hear cause i just ordered them! =) got the matching center and rears too. debating on the amp but excited to take these for a spin......
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    receiver + 2channel amp

    hi! building a 5.2 setup around the Revel's F328be's LR: F328be Center: 426be Rears: 126be subs: 2x JBL e110's Electronics: so this is where i need some guidance. I am planning on getting a Marantz Cinema 30 receiver and then a separate 2 channel amp to run the 2 front channels Amp: is the...
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    best home theater speakers (5.1) under 30k

    hi! so i am looking to finally upgrade my sennheiser ambeo max soundbar into a full fledged 5.1 setup and i am completely lost. too many options! and nowhere where i can hear enough speakers side by side with same electronics. 95% of the time we are just going to using the system for...
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    best low profile desktop (active) speaker?

    soooo i tested a few speakers. 1. vanatoo zero + (they were shipped DOA and i really didn't like their design anyways) 2. pebble x (pictured) 3. razer nomno v2 pro 2.1 4. Kef LS50 2 5. Kef LSX II 6. Klipsch The Fives so obviously vanatoo was a big miss and could just be a random bad batch but...
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    Best headphone amp dac with balanced output

    So I recently upgraded from a jds element mk3 to the topping dx9 and the dx9 is awesome. Gorgeous and has all the features I need The issue is 1) topping is pretty darn big/wide for my desk 2) I just don’t use many of the features. My computer is the only source and I’m outputting them to my...
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    best low profile desktop (active) speaker?

    just got the vanatoo plus' so we shall see! also ordered the new creatiive pebble plus' as well to compare
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    best low profile desktop (active) speaker?

    well my choice for now! haven't tried them out yet
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    best low profile desktop (active) speaker?

    i ordered a pair of the Vanatoo Zero+ and ill prolly order a pair of the new creative pebble x -- ill report back! i wish i had room for the lsx2's =(
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    best low profile desktop (active) speaker?

    great question! 5" would be ideal but i could prolly do 7-7.5" (i mean we all wish more people said that)
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    best low profile desktop (active) speaker?

    so i want to put a small set of speakers underneath my monitors that are on monitor arms. i dont have room for a full size active speaker like the Klipsch Fives, Focals, Kef's, etc. Was thinking of the creative pebble but is there anything "higher end" that could work? would the razer's be...
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    RME Adi Pro 2/4 SE -- need some help understanding the inputs

    hi all! sorry for the noob question but i have this beautiful piece of kit but just making sure i know how to use it lol. 1. is there a balanced/xlr headphone output? seems like there is an analog output but i dont see where i can plug my xlr headphones into 2. i want to get an xlr microphone...
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    Balanced headphone amp dac all in one

    Hi all looking for a computer desktop amp dac that has a balanced headphone output (most of my cans have balanced cables and I don’t want to switch cables going from my mha200 to computer) I tried the Fiio r9 and it’s the perfect form factor but I just don’t like the sound And other thoughts...
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    AudioQuest NRG-X3 Review (AC Power Cord)

    appreciate everyones advice! it's tough to know where to spend and where to not spend....i am in the middle of auditioning 6 amps with my Utopia 2022's. there are DEF differences but nowhere near how big i thought there would be. And definitely not 7-9k worth of value. still fun to test...
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