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    JBL SRX835P Reviewed (Powered Monitor)

    Anyone know if the PASSIVE version, SRX835 (without the P) measures better? Thanks.
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    Yamaha 2024 range, A8B, A6B, A4B 2024 announcement...!!??

    I had the chance to compare my older RX-A3070 and current CX-A5200 for an year before I was completely sold on "no more receivers, only prepros". Maybe one day they'll release the successor to the CX-A5200. Even if they didn't, this thing is worth its weight in gold, hanging onto it forever.
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    Your Favorite Stereo Upmixer For Music

    I had primarily been using Dolby 's Upmixer (DSU) on my Yamaha CX-A5200 for upmixing stereo music sources to 5.2.4. I also used DSU on my Sony AZ5000ES in a second rig More recently, I started exploring Yamaha's home grown upmixers such as Standard, Enhanced, Music Video, etc and I seem to...
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    Marantz AV10 AV Processor Review

    Yamaha's manual PEQ is a lot better than the archaic Denon/Marantz GEQ. I thought they were going to implement it on the newer Marantz products based on some interview I saw with the Denon/Marantz spokesperson. I guess they didn't.
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    Marantz AV10 AV Processor Review

    There is "YPAO" on the cheap Yamaha receivers and "YPAO RSC" on the higher end Yamaha receivers and prepros. YPAO RSC deploys FIR.
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    Marantz AV10 AV Processor Review

    Wait, this processor doesn't have manual PEQ for sure??? That is a deal breaker. If that's the case, I guess I will be sticking with my Yamaha prepro. Hell no, I am not sacrificing my manual PEQ. I couldn't give 2 shts about dirac.
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    Worst measuring loudspeaker?

    I have actually heard these and they sounded pretty good to my ears, though i can't afford it, of course. If we put a blindfold on you and walked you into a room with these speakers, so you didn't know which speaker it was, there is a possibility that you may enjoy it. We should also probably...
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    SMSL SU-1 Stereo DAC Review

    It was supposed to be a satirical post, the satirical suggestion of spending more than a million dollars to hear fidelity improvements on a sub 100 dollar dac. You didn't catch that?
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    Upgrading Yamaha RX-A3060, looking for options

    I have yet to hear any sonic magic with dirac tweaking. Prioritizing sound quality, price and simplicity of setup, I would go with a Sony STRAZ5000ES. If price is not an issue, try some separates like the Marantz AV10 processor paired with high quality amps like the Rotel RMB 1585 and so on.
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    SMSL SU-1 Stereo DAC Review

    You will need highly resolving 500k speakers, 200k amp and a 500k purpose built fully treated room to hear such differences. If that still doesn't work, your ears are not good enough. You have hearing damage or your ears need to evolve more biologically. You didn't know this???
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    New Sony ES 8K AV Receiver Line STR-AZ7000ES STR-AZ5000ES STR-AZ3000ES STR-AZ1000ES

    What type of height speakers are you all using with 360 reality SSM? In-Ceiling? Pendant? Wall height mounts? Dolby upfiring "bounce" modules? Any consensus on what sounds better? I am guessing some of you changed things up since 360 reality SSM works quite differently than atmos, dts or auro?
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    The quest for my hyper speaker - Very Large room dilemma

    Are you envious of the OP guy? Count your blessings instead....or you could go to med school, make a gazillion, stretch yourself to 6'3, get ab implants and pay for 4 escorts.
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    New Schiit SYN - Analog Surround Sound Processor

    Anyone experiencing a slight right/left channel imbalance with the SYN? I am having to use balance control on my foobar player to even things out. :facepalm:
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    New Sony ES 8K AV Receiver Line STR-AZ7000ES STR-AZ5000ES STR-AZ3000ES STR-AZ1000ES

    After i got a replacement unit, all the hissing disappeared and it is clean as a whistle. I don't think they state it explicitly. But, i believe the A.F.D soundfield setting and SSM enabled uses 360 upmix.
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    The quest for my hyper speaker - Very Large room dilemma

    They are cheaper because the pro-market operates on a much smaller profit margin and they are not designed with aesthetics in mind. Pro speaker cabinets don't have a high end finish like audiophile speakers. But, you can paint or stain the cabinets and make them look nicer. Very low-end touring...
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    The quest for my hyper speaker - Very Large room dilemma

    You could get a pair of these large passive Yamaha PA horns from sweetwater for approximately 2500 dollars a pair w/tax. You can run them at a 128 db all day long and they won't cry for mercy like all the weak speakers. You could even set up 5 of these in a multichannel configuration and feel...
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    Marantz AV10 AV Processor Review

    Price of the nice processor went up, it appears. Only thing that didn't go up is my salary. I curse thee Marantz for forcing me onto a Ramen noodles diet to try and afford your processor.
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    What model# is this white speaker? It looks surprisingly ok. I hate the sight of other Avantgarde speakers with the stupid looking horns.
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