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  1. DVDdoug

    YPAO room correction for dual subs on a single sub output

    More subs (different locations) are better because tend to even-out standing waves throughout the room. In most cases, you are probably better-off with both subs working identically together and equally sharing the job of reproducing the bass. If you have several subs you probably don't...
  2. DVDdoug

    older SACD player vs new CD transport and modern DAC

    I doubt you'd hear a difference in a proper blind listening test. The ONLY time I've heard a difference or defect from a "DAC" it was a soundcard that made noise when the hard drive was accessed. And I don't blame the "DAC" for noise getting into the analog section.
  3. DVDdoug

    Why are music and audio systems with competent bass only recently a thing?

    In the 60s & 70s large speakers with big woofers and good bass weren't that unusual. There were also some bad designs with boomy bass, and of course lots of speakers with wimpy bass (and there still are). Deep bass (as well as the highest-highs) was rolled-of for vinyl records.
  4. DVDdoug

    Subwoofers with high level input for 6-stack ?

    You can find attenuators to reduce speaker-level to line-level. (That's what's inside active subs with speaker-level inputs.) Or if you know a little electronics and how to solder, t's an easy thing to build (2 resistors make a voltage divider). NOTE - If you are going to use the sub for...
  5. DVDdoug

    DIY end table to subwoofer conversion

    People build speakers out of all kinds of things and it should work. You may have to seal the joints (with glue or caulking, etc.), depending on how it's made. As always, get WinISD or other speaker design software so you can predict performance, choose a woofer that's a good match for box...
  6. DVDdoug

    Sennheiser hd 58x left right balance

    Some mixes have some sounds "hard panned" left or right so they only come out of one side. That can sound perfectly natural with speakers (one guitar player might really be on the right side of the stage), but it may not sound right headphones. I perceive hard-panned sounds coming directly...
  7. DVDdoug

    Help me decide what speaker to build :)

    For "real monitors" (audio production), I'd recommend buying monitors because they are a "known-quantity". If you build them yourself you may get some strange/unknown characteristics that make it hard to get productions that "translate" well to everybody else's system. And if you end-up with...
  8. DVDdoug

    Hypex UcD OEM Kelvin connection (feedback taken at speaker terminals)

    I also wouldn't expect any actual improvement because (normal-length) speaker wires have very low resistance. Without knowing anything about the circuit... Since the manufacturer says it's OK I'd assume it's safe. I also assume that it has low open-loop gain, or that there is some...
  9. DVDdoug

    Cartridge alignment

    I don't play records anymore but it's not something I'd be obsessed about. Most cartridges are physically similar and you should be OK as long as the cartridge is "square" in the headshell. The stylus traces an arc (unless you have a linear tracking turntable) and it can't be perfect across...
  10. DVDdoug

    Increase (electrical) Damping of a Driver

    A smaller-lighter driver should have less inertia. But for bass you need piston area and speakers with multiple small drivers have their own issues/tradeoffs. ...I don't think this is audible unless there is a related resonance, which will show-up frequency response. Speakers distort...
  11. DVDdoug

    Are my bass traps not working? Some changes in var smoothed frequency response, but not much in ERB smoothed one.

    I'm not an expert and I don't have any acoustic treatment... There are thin "resonant" or "membrane" bass traps. RealTraps is one seller. Ethan Winer (one of RealTraps founders) has article about how to build them. The pictures on Ethan's website and on ReapTraps show LOTs of wall coverage...
  12. DVDdoug

    Tube pre or not tube pre

    I'm NOT a fan of 1950s audio technology... A tube MIGHT add distortion, but I'd be surprised if adds audible distortion. Most people don't want distortion. But if you like the "character" or "vibe" of particular tube amp, the sound will be different from another tube amp with distortion...
  13. DVDdoug

    Soundproofing A Hole in the Wall

    Along with a masonry bit, a hammer drill helps a lot. I have a cheap one (from Harbor Freight, I think) and it works great. (It's not a tool that I use a lot.) :D Once my boss was going to hang something on a concrete wall at work. He had something like this (powered by a .22 caliber...
  14. DVDdoug

    Bi-Wiring speaker cables considerations

    Bi-wiring is useless, except you essentially have lower gauge (thicker) cables for less resistance and that could make a difference with very-long cable runs, etc. Schematically, the circuit is the same. (A schematic shows the electrical connections without regard to the physical location of...
  15. DVDdoug

    Recordings as simulacra

    It depends on how you define "reality". ;) It IS possible to reproduce the sound of a recoding/mastering studio at home. These are "artificial" productions. It's not supposed to sound exactly like live music. It's not supposed to sound like live music at all. And you're not supposed...
  16. DVDdoug

    Let's share placebo effect anecdotes!

    Maybe, but I think I've always been somewhat skeptical of my hearing... Decades ago, I thought those golden-ear audiophiles were hearing real differences that I couldn't hear.* I may have had placebo experiences back in the vinyl analog days. I was always dissatisfied with the sound of...
  17. DVDdoug

    Hearing Sound Improvements w/HiFi AMP Upgrades

    Possibly. But first spend $100 on a measurement microphone, download REW, and measure before and after.... Diagnosis before treatment! Some room characteristics can be improved with equalization The biggest issues are in the bass range. You can fix a standing-wave anti-node (bump)...
  18. DVDdoug

    silver plated wire as speaker cable?

    Silver plating won't do anything. A quick search tells me that (solid) silver has 4% lower resistance than copper. Plating is super-super thin, so no measurable difference. No effect. If you had a few thousand feet of wire your frequency response might be affected.
  19. DVDdoug

    silver plated wire as speaker cable?

    Wire resistance is inversely proportional to cross sectional area AND proportional to length. (As you may know, lower resistance is better.... to a point.) So, losing a few strands over a very-short distance is insignificant.* (The wiring inside the speaker probably isn't 12AWG.) This...
  20. DVDdoug

    Benchmark ABH2 Replacement

    Of course they CAN. But if there is a difference in a proper blind ABX test,, it's most likely noise. Distortion and frequency response are usually better than human hearing (with modern solid-state electronics). With electronics, those are the ONLY 3 REAL characteristics of "sound...
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