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  1. izeek

    What speakers do you currently own?

    jbl l890s-l/r jbl l8400p-2 subs jbl 520c-center polk 702s front surround bose 301 iii-rear surround
  2. izeek

    What speakers do you currently own?

  3. izeek

    Gaia Isolation anything in this?

    didnt for me. i bought isoacoustics that did a nice job for not much money. definitely better.
  4. izeek

    Recommend me some fun speakers for a large room, don't need to be "reference"

    havent but they rate very well, especially, moneywise as they go on sale often. i have an earlier series, studio L I890, if the 590s are even near mine in performance, id expect them to sound really great as my L890s are fab. and for the hdis to be even better. they review very well and are...
  5. izeek

    Are you satisfied with your home Audio System?

    pretty happy with my pedestrian gear. best ive had. im sure there is better. when i win the lottery, ill find out. till then, im enjoying what i got.
  6. izeek

    When did you last listen to live music

    TOOL in baltimore in feb. it was great!
  7. izeek

    Share your favorite free (or low cost) tweaks!

    my decoupling solution bastardized idea from seeing granite speaker plinths. the sub is on an isoacoustics substand.
  8. izeek

    Share your favorite free (or low cost) tweaks!

    i actually use a wooden folding chair. nothing to reflect off.
  9. izeek

    Travel speaker

    we've had jbl flip 5 for 3 yrs, or so, that sounds pretty good. not audiophile but certainly enjoyable. i got a case for it in the deal that is super convenient to carry by hand. fits in any carryon. we use it a lot during the summer on outings.
  10. izeek

    Which gauge?

  11. izeek

    ASR MEMBERS: What System Would YOU Choose To Blow Away Non-Audiophiles?

    my o is that the persons you are trying to impress will be impressed because they'll hear music in a manner they might not otherwise. they, having been used to everyday audio(car, businesses, etc) so nearly any dedicated system will be impressive. my pedestrian gear always gets a smile when...
  12. izeek

    Speakers to large for my room ?

    i love big speakers so id recommend the 28s. but that’s me. you'll need dsp but other than that...
  13. izeek

    Which gauge?

    get some good looking garden hose.
  14. izeek

    How to choose cables ?

    i used some old monster thick ass cable i had laying around till i decided what i wanted my cables to look like even if no one but me sees them. nothing wrong with audiobling. bought some canare 4s11 from great quality. ive been using a custom 4s11 someone made for me for...
  15. izeek

    System help: Adding channels to existing 2.1 setup...

    you'll need an avr. and an amp/speaker switch.
  16. izeek

    General question about floors and speakers

    i have carpeted suspended wood floor. it used to resonate from bass. you could hear it in other rooms easily. it was on the muddy side. i live in an apartment building and you could hear it thud down to the first floor at 60dbish. felt for my neighbors. after several experiments, the final...
  17. izeek

    Changing bookshelf to floorstand is worth it?

    iono jack but im from the "no replacement for displacement " camp. i went from htib to real ht and then added 2ch. until i got to towers, i felt like i wanted more of everything. satellites, true ht and floorstanders. they weren’t all the same level as my jbl L890 towers which are the best...
  18. izeek

    Show us your audio tweaks, mods and extras

    did something similar.
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