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  1. Anton D

    Recordings as simulacra

    My Hi Fi goal is to create an avatar of the simulacrum. I like the illusion of a sonic event happening in space. It also renders me pretty forgiving of the flaws involved in the sonic reproduction chain, so long as I get imaging I enjoy.
  2. Anton D

    Star Wars The Acolyte

    I am with you, I meant the fact that now these characters have been able to more fully fleshed out. I also like the new mini-series format because it allows so much more time for a slow build and some character development. Any one of these series is longer than the first three movies...
  3. Anton D

    Star Wars The Acolyte

    I admit to landing in the camp that is relieved that George Lucas was moved aside: I can only take going through the same story with mostly the same characters so many times. (Plus, seriously, Ewoks? Jar Jar?) The Star Wars world outside of the Luke and Laura family soap opera....oops, Luke and...
  4. Anton D

    Cabinet Paint Choices?

    I have a pair of speakers finished with auto paint and they have kept a fine look in the time I've had them. No clue about how hard or easy it is to do, but the look stands up to scrutiny.
  5. Anton D

    Star Wars The Acolyte

    We've seen episode one, so far; which, in Star Wars order should be episode 4? Anyway, we will keep at it. I was sad to see Ashoka end just hanging like it did. Maybe it will all come full circle some day. I like the 'pre-Empire' vibe and the little things that show it is coming.
  6. Anton D

    Accuphase power amplifier with Wharfedale Linton Heritage speakers

    Wow! Any of them is a no lose proposition! I’m on you side regarding the e380! Consider me the little devil on your shoulder. I see great contentment in your future!
  7. Anton D

    Audiophile Kef Disco Bed...

    I looked and looked, but couldn't find where they called it an "audiophile bed" or even mentioned audiophiles. So, that let's us off the hook! :) I do love the Harvard endorsement, such as it is. The ad copy is as expected... "Experience the rich, detailed sound of KEF’s advanced audio...
  8. Anton D

    Spending big bucks on HiFi Audio

    How much did you spend on your system?
  9. Anton D

    Spending big bucks on HiFi Audio

    Well, apply that to any hobby.
  10. Anton D

    Extreme Snake Oil

    Speaking of Shunyata...
  11. Anton D

    Is Dolby Atmos the Future of Music or a Complicated Fad?

    I like your open source idea. It is a very MQA-like approach. Well considered post, amigo!
  12. Anton D

    An objective take on cooking steaks.

    I guess the correct answer is to have Sean Olive prepare the steaks and then perform proper blind tasting tests and declare the most popular choice to be the objectively best steak? :p Controlling, of course, for cutlery, dishware, room treatment, etc.
  13. Anton D

    Difference of $200 cartridge vs a $6,000+ cartridge?

    Could you tell the cartridges you've had apart from one another? All sound the same? I guess the ceiling is at the point you fail to be able to tell them apart. (Not an endorsement of any price point. It's your personal journey to decide!)
  14. Anton D

    An objective take on cooking steaks.

    Mmmm, steak. Don't care how you get it cooked, just serve me a medium rare (or rare) slice and turn me loose!
  15. Anton D

    Is Dolby Atmos the Future of Music or a Complicated Fad?

    Neither future nor's a niche in our great hobby. For people with the desire to follow this path, good for them! Headphone,s, LP, reel to reel, streaming, ATMOS...whatever, great! Big tent.
  16. Anton D

    Could vinyl playback actually be harmful?

    It's more of a throwing stones thing. The guy is using mass digital streaming media to opine and bloviate about record albums.
  17. Anton D

    Could vinyl playback actually be harmful?

    Maybe time to compare between the 'damage' vinyl does vs. what all those server farms for streaming do, plus lithium batteries, what goes in to making computers and what happens to them after their lifespan, etc. I dunno the answer.
  18. Anton D

    Hypothetical Question - Best speaker for equal to or less than $15K USD

    Out of curiosity, how many people have heard the Dutch and Dutch?
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