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  1. TabCam

    KZ Castor Harman Target IEM Review

    I have heard those "claims", but I have yet to hear that sub $50 (excl VAT) / €75 (incl VAT) that really puts a kind of realism in piano's high hats / trumpets. On paper they measure more than OK, but when listening (subjective, I know) I found they are very very nice for the price but the more...
  2. TabCam

    Orchard Audio Starkrimson

    What did you choose in the end?
  3. TabCam

    WiiM Amp Streaming Amplifier Review

    I agree it is not a P-P power from 40 years ago and that it is unfortunately not standardized. NAD reports (also) Continues Power Output which seem to be better correlated to real world power output than 1kHz power output. Unfortunately it is also no standard. I agree that power is by far not...
  4. TabCam

    WiiM Amp Streaming Amplifier Review

    To me, you are pinning an industry wide problem to a single individual. It is both claimed specs and a well uninformed public and industry that misuses that uninformedness. NAD was one of the few companies that the wattage was more or less a real world use value. The real problem lies in all...
  5. TabCam

    WiiM Amp Streaming Amplifier Review

    What does the crest factor has to do with music? Maybe with a power supply but with music? Where do you in the video get that he mentions the crest factor!?
  6. TabCam

    WiiM Amp Streaming Amplifier Review

    Maybe this youtube video gives a nice clue. In my experience Watts are not the same Watts if you just take 1 kHz.
  7. TabCam

    Legal fund for Reviewers/Erin?

    I kinda feel there are wins and a loss. A win that Erin didn't change his subjective review, a win that he found a problem for Eric Alexander to solve (bracing/stiffnes top panel) and a win that the holes had nothing to do with Erin's measurements / measuring ability but also a loss that he...
  8. TabCam

    Legal fund for Reviewers/Erin?

    Love the gesture. Fortunaty I saw the review before it was taken down and it was not that bad. It was not perfect but for the price it was OK. Even if it was measured incorrectly, I think it should be legal to test any device regardless of outcome. Only if the results were doctored or other...
  9. TabCam

    Best 'Bang for your buck' IEM - Poll

    As I voted other, maybe also the IEM that gets my vote. It is the SIMGOT EA500 LM. Got it from AliExpress and although it is 50% more expensive than the TRUTHEAR Zero:RED, it more than makes up for it in naturalness, realism, soundstage, etc. Although the Crinacle versions measure quite good...
  10. TabCam

    Introduction to the SmartCross project

    I have active DIY front speakers, currently with MiniDSP and 3 separate amplifiers. One Box sounds better but... 1) I need to integrate with a HT setup so either all volume control in one box (preferred) or a HT bypass Is necessary. 2) All audio equipment need to be in a TV cabinet (PAF) and for...
  11. TabCam

    New stereo set for 5000 EUR

    Maybe look into the Wharfdale Aura 2 and the ATC SCM7 v3?
  12. TabCam

    7Hz Salnotes Zero IEM Review

    As for a lot of IEM's, bass response is a lot dependant on how well the tips fit your ears. If I do not insert them properly I have hardly any bass and they also do not passively isolate me. When the 7Hz Salnotes Zero is properly inserted it isolates very well, the bass is really good and IMHO...
  13. TabCam

    Tekton M-Lore Speaker Review

    If we only look at FR and directionality it seems not that good. That is always a pity with reducing all the measurements to a single number, it doesn't tell the whole story by far. The Spinorama is missing distortion and that is quite a pity. If we also look at distortion I think the Tekton...
  14. TabCam

    Looking for DCA Aeon 2 Noire alternative

    Lousy it happened again / was not properly fixed. Have mine (Aeon Flow 2) for quite some time, only had cable problem(s). I also bought a TRUTHEAR Crinkle Red IEM which sound quite like the DCA Aeon Flow 2. They are for on the move and in hot weather and I am happy with those as well.
  15. TabCam

    Cambridge Edge W power amplifier measurements

    My different experience probably stems from a underpowered NCore, I think it was the 252. Looking at the specs it should be 2 Ohm stable, even the NCore252MP. The review of the Buckeye NCx500 made me think in that direction. It can also be that less power in 2 Ohm means it sounded unstable...
  16. TabCam

    Cambridge Edge W power amplifier measurements

    Most amplifiers, NCore also, are not 2 Ohm stable. The Edge W is now powering 4 parallel 6.5 ohm woofers with a combined impedance dip to 1.6 Ohm without a hitch. Owners of larger magnetostats will love them.
  17. TabCam

    Dan Clark Audio AEON 2 Noire Review

    Hmmm, I agree that the folding is very good and reliable, but I am less happy with the connectors. I have an Alpha Prime and Aeon Flow 2 and four cables failed on me. Three were original MrSpeakers / DCA cables, one a replacement for an early broken one and all three failed in the end. I have...
  18. TabCam

    3 Generations of Marantz flagship integrated amps measured

    Did you remeasure all three amplifier with the same grounding and other measuring improvements @GXAlan? And did you use a filter for the ultrasonic noise of the NCore amplifier?
  19. TabCam

    Topping E30 DAC Review

    Topping E70 has a 12V trigger. Don't know if that is fast enough for the amplifiers but I would guess so.
  20. TabCam

    Minidsp Flex Eight!

    There are unfortunately various ways to connect RCA to XLR. Here a topic that starts with discussion those various options. The Hypex link is't up to date but the Hypex legacy pin 1 problem white paper shows a different way of implementing RCA to XLR with a RC network that your version doesn't...
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