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  1. Huang Jerry

    Etymotic ER4XR IEM Review

    I had a pair of these and it generally served me well. Though I do not miss the "ear-dildo" fit - especially when something has tugged the cable. Ouch!
  2. Huang Jerry

    Poll: Audio Science Review in the World (2024)

    West Lake District, Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province, PRC. Aka a very pretty place to be.
  3. Huang Jerry

    Hifiman Ananda Stealth V2 Headphone Review

    Not much improved over the old one I reckon.. I also have personal experience with QC issues with hifiman, I have one driver on my brand new HE400 that has a very audible distortion peak at 10khz. Thankfully hifiman seems happy to replace them:)
  4. Huang Jerry

    Matrix Audio mini-i 4 Streamer Review

    It's good, but I'm afraid a dac now needs to stand out and be flawless in order to be even close to appealing.
  5. Huang Jerry

    I measured 10 subwoofers.

    Tremendous effort with the copious amount of detailed measurements! Very unhelpful in quenching my desire to buy a KH750 though :)
  6. Huang Jerry

    Weiss DAC501 Streamer and DAC Review

    My god is it a shitshow... Wish competent companies gets round to implement better and more useful software in their DACs. Also $10000 is just a blatant rip-off.
  7. Huang Jerry

    Meyer Sound Amie Monitor Review

    I like it, but in a world where KH150s and 8341Bs exists, I don't see the reason of chosing this one over the competition. Nice try from the company though.
  8. Huang Jerry

    Stax SR-009S Electrostatic Headphone Review

    Yeah good great very nice But is it sensible to get one of these instead of a huge number of other (great) things? Knock $3000 off from list price and I'll happily vote great. As it stands now, it deserves no more than "not terrible".
  9. Huang Jerry

    Classic Audio MC Pro Phonostage Review

    You mean "I like balanced output as audio gear has its own ground loops"? @amirm
  10. Huang Jerry

    Creative Sound Blaster X5 Interface Review

    The line in and ADC feature set does make it interesting consumer device, but then 270USD also gets you the Motu M2... A novelty for sure but just not objectively good enough.
  11. Huang Jerry

    XSA Labs Vanguard Speaker Review

    I liked the bamboo, and I hated everything else.. The crossover either was a bad "classic" design or just incompetent.
  12. Huang Jerry

    Weird problem with my KH O110 studio monitor.

    Also big shoutout to Facebook: bmb amplifier for sorting these out for me, and only for ~150USD. Great bloke too.
  13. Huang Jerry

    Weird problem with my KH O110 studio monitor.

    To avoid the cardinal sin of not reporting the solution of problem encountered, here is a overview of what is done to fix the speaker. The LM337SP is indeed not working optimally, but the problem is traced to two diodes in the control circuit shatting themselves (likely due to switching on...
  14. Huang Jerry

    OLLO S5X Headphone Review

    Looks fine, but I'd have the HE400se please.
  15. Huang Jerry

    Weird problem with my KH O110 studio monitor.

    I had some time to give it a checkover, though I did not test amplifier boards seperately. I did discover something intriguing: The voltage regulator chip in one side is cool when switched on for 20 min, while the other is scolding to touch. I do note that one of the speakers had some of its...
  16. Huang Jerry

    Topping D70 Pro Sabre DAC Review

    Looks (and measures) wonderful - As always. I'll save up or sell my kidney just for that VU meter screen
  17. Huang Jerry

    Moondrop Blessing 3 Review

    That dot matrix looking emblem is so cool.
  18. Huang Jerry

    SMSL SU-1 Stereo DAC Review

    Funny enough, me and a (very well off) friend of mine did a blind test between this+topping L30 and his DCS Bartok for fun, music being an eclectic selection between jazz, male vocals, symphony, death metal and garage tunes Total of 12 tracks, using same DCA aeon flow Me: Prefer DCS Bartok: 4...
  19. Huang Jerry

    Weird problem with my KH O110 studio monitor.

    Thanks, I'll chuck it in Google translate and take a look.
  20. Huang Jerry

    Weird problem with my KH O110 studio monitor.

    That would be my fear, as other than a few through hole capacitors amplifier chips and some weird components I cannot recognise, everything else is surface mounted. Everything works perfectly. Tried for a bit for both power amp and preamp, noise persists. That would be my next course of...
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