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  1. WeekendWarrior

    Topping LA90 Discrete Amplifier Review

    I think my case would probably class as a random failure that happens from time to time rather than anything systematic...and as far as I know the original LA90 is pretty reliable. However that doesn't seem to have been the case for the early versions of the LA90 Discrete, fingers crossed they...
  2. WeekendWarrior

    Topping LA90 Discrete Amplifier Review

    Interesting LA90 started to sound odd...a bit "fuzzy", cymbals sounding watery and ill defined so I sent it back to Electromod UK. Just had a call with them and was told that one of the boards was delaminating! It's 18 months old and he's replacing it with a new LA90D. I only...
  3. WeekendWarrior

    FAQ Questions on Audio/ASR

    Not sure if these have been posted, but: Is there any benefit in using a preamp (other than more inputs) or is a DACs volume control fine? Tips for room treatment and speaker positioning without needing to get a divorce Conventional wisdom used to be spend more on the source; is that still...
  4. WeekendWarrior

    [Poll] What is your experience with the reliability of the Topping LA90D?

    I've had my D90LE, Pre90 and original LA90 for about 12 months. Use it quite often, and I'm not shy with the volume either. The Pre90 is also driving a sub. No problems encountered, in fact I'd but another LA90 if I could find one! Mine are covered by a 2 year warranty with Electromod in the UK.
  5. WeekendWarrior

    Topping LA90 Discrete Amplifier Review

    Putting aside my disappointment that my original LA90 is now discontinued after a very short lifespan, I am wondering if there is anything in the specs that suggest the discrete version will sound better than the original? My original LA90, with reasonably efficient 8ohm speakers, goes plenty...
  6. WeekendWarrior

    Topping Pre90 Review (preamplifier)

    Been an interested spectator of ASR for ages, but this is my first post. I'm intrigued to find out if this relatively cheap but good measuring equipment sounds as good as my relatively expensive Naim separates system (whose measurements are unknown, although noting the poor review the Atom HE...
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