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  1. gsp1971

    How people choose very expensive High-End speakers?

    I spent a year at the American University of Paris via an exchange program. One fine and sunny Saturday in spring, I went for a walk with two classmates of mine. One of them was a guy called Mohamed, who was the son of the president of Nigeria. As we were walking down avenue George V, a street...
  2. gsp1971

    does anyone listen to Taylor Swift? tell me what the draw is

    Video clips and internet sites such as YouTube have helped increase the popularity of artists like Taylor Swift, who promote the visual aspect of their performance (unlike Vivaldi) as much as the aural aspect. I have not heard any of her music, so I cannot comment on it. But it will be...
  3. gsp1971

    does anyone listen to Taylor Swift? tell me what the draw is

    Read this bit 15 times and I still cannot sketch a family tree from that sentence. ... and, no, I don't listen to Taylor Swift - I am not in that age group.
  4. gsp1971

    My hifi journey + what would you do?

    Dear @TSX , It is said that "Experience is the name we all give to our mistakes". We've all been there one way or another. Having read your story, I would keep the Denon AVR X1100W since it covers many of your needs, including amplification, HDMI, Roon, etc, and I would build on it. (a) you...
  5. gsp1971

    New ASR logo proposal

    Hi @Chagall , V1B looks fantastic to me. I think it might attract a younger audience to the site. Great effort. GS
  6. gsp1971

    FAQ Questions on Audio/ASR

    Hi Amir, Great idea, but it can quickly become a huge task given what has been suggested so far. :) My input is based on what I wish I had known when I first discovered ASR, so here it goes: ASR-related questions What is ASR all about? What is the "Science" behind Audio Science Review (ASR)...
  7. gsp1971

    System advice “warm hifi”

    Jesus, €1.650 for 25 W? Check out the NAD C368 here
  8. gsp1971

    Poll: Audio Science Review in the World (2024)

    The distribution is not proportionate to the real population by continent. Europe and North America constitute only 17% of the world's population yet 86% of the ASR poll. It seems ASR appeals to a certain population niche. Population by Continent 2024 Continent Population World's Population...
  9. gsp1971

    Is the Yamaha A-S 1200 integrated amplifier so mediocre in terms of instrumental measurements?

    Dear @GiBo61 , For this kind of money, please have a look at the NAD C388 (Pic & review link below). GS
  10. gsp1971

    Poll: Audio Science Review in the World (2024)

    Monastiraki Square, Athens, Greece At the foot of the Acropolis, it is a flea market by day and a youth hotspot at night
  11. gsp1971

    Reviewer's Music

    Please please keep this thread alive. Not only do we discover new music but we also develop skills on how to listen critically. GS
  12. gsp1971

    Your "Desert Island" Album

    Bill Evans Trio - Sunday at the Village Vanguard
  13. gsp1971

    B&W 800 D3 vs KEF Blade. Let's discuss.

    In 2020, Bowers & Wilkins was acquired by Sound United LLC, which also owns Definitive Technology, Polk Audio, Denon, Marantz & Boston Acoustics. Lots of overlap there. Since then, Sound United LLC has been trying to transform B&W into a lifestyle brand, focusing on portable speakers and...
  14. gsp1971

    What's the best I can buy?

    Focal Utopia speakers or headphones? If you are looking to biuld a system around the Genelecs, what do you need the amplifier for? If you are looking to biuld a system around the Focal Utopia speakers and cost is no object, check out the Benchmark AHB2 power amplifier and pair it with a DAC of...
  15. gsp1971

    Pre out or subwoofer out

    Thank you, I will try it out.
  16. gsp1971

    Pre out or subwoofer out

    Which they would anyway in a 2.0 configuration, right? My question is: do I need a slightly more powerful amp if I am to use speaker-level connection for the sub? The "problem" is that I am looking to buy a new amplifier but very few 2-channel amplifiers have a Sub Out. So amplifier choices...
  17. gsp1971

    Pre out or subwoofer out

    I have wondered about this as well. My subwoofer has a single RCA "LINE IN" socket, obviously meant to work with an AVR's single LFE Out / Sub Out socket. But I want to use the subwoofer in a 2.1 system. Can I use the Pre Out sockets of a 2-channel amp and connect them to my subwoofer's...
  18. gsp1971

    Ken Fritz - Audiophile Documentary

    Obsession, in whatever shape or form, rarely ends well. Ship those speakers to Amir for review :)
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