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  1. sweetsounds

    HIGH END Munich 2024

    While talking of the show, here is what I enjoyed and what not: - Pure Audio. Given the simple setup this was crisp, detailed, and musical. - Estelon. This wasn't even one of the flagships, but a wonderful balanced sound and soundstage. Maybe the most likeable room to me, I could have stayed for...
  2. sweetsounds

    HIGH END Munich 2024

    Pure was one of the amazing discoveries of the show: - Acourate running on server with active crossover - Okto DAC - 3 home built amps using Purifi - 3 way speaker in 2 boxes using Purifi Woofers and ribbon tweeters The room was a small booth but the sound was amazing thanks to DRC. One of my 3...
  3. sweetsounds

    HIGH END Munich 2024

    It is a quite colored speaker IMHO, but in an unique way. Some frequencies stand out and give this a punchy, maybe grainy sound. After a while I always have the feeling of an amplified concert rather than...
  4. sweetsounds

    Tidal vs Qobuz in 2024?

    My vote goes to Tidal, but it's even less than the Pepsi vs Coke difference. - good catalog, sound quality, no concerns here - app is sufficient to me - TIDAL connect works very well with Lyrion Media Server and others - works well with Roon (I dropped Roon and use LMS plus Artist information...
  5. sweetsounds

    Squeezebox replacement - picore with which speakers?

    Lucky you. Community Firmware didn't help in my case. There is a nasty 80MHz wide sender from a EV charging device, which looks like killing connections near my home. But even here is a workaround using the Vonets VAP bridge for 25 bucks. Lyrion reached 6000 installations within a week of...
  6. sweetsounds


    Hi, I had the predecessor AD-2N. Worked very well for several years, then right channel failed. Can happen with all muscle power amps. I still consider ToneWinner as a good value-for-money. I now use an Purify ET4000 Class-D and I am quite happy.
  7. sweetsounds

    Announcing beta-test of PKHarmonic VST plugin

    There is PeakEater VST3 cross-plattform as a good example and maybe the Steinberg GPL license
  8. sweetsounds

    Announcing beta-test of PKHarmonic VST plugin

    Dear @pkane, any likeliness, that you could do a VST3 multichannel plugin and Mac version? It would help a lot of people with different setups.
  9. sweetsounds

    How people choose very expensive High-End speakers?

    Let me share my experience. In all groups one can find exceptional systems and mediocre ones. A) the man's cave people not spending at the highest end of the scale, but shell out 5 digits for a speaker, lots of engineers/tech savvy with a sense for things well built. We buy second hand mostly...
  10. sweetsounds

    Subwoofer feels underwhelming

    My experience is that the time signature of bass notes is more important than the amplitude (Of course, taming 5dB peaks makes an audible difference). So to get back to objective data, a waterfall-type of a plot and an analysis of the first 100ms is important. Ported designs sound different from...
  11. sweetsounds

    B&W vs Estelon vs Magico - Recent Demo

    Your journey is close to mine I own(ed) a pair of B&W 801D1. Loved them. There always were some deficiencies in voices (I thought). My wife disagreed out of the fear of upgradomania. I then listened to Magico and that was it. I brought a S5 Mk2 into the same room and everybody was blown away...
  12. sweetsounds

    Logitech Media Server etc...

    For those impatient: there is a piCorePlayer which includes TIDAL support already. That's how I set up a local LMS Server using a Raspberry 3B. LMS for me is still the best infrastructure for music listening: - open source - Roon compatible - runs...
  13. sweetsounds

    Andrew Quint Reviews the Unique BACCH-SP Stereo Purifier

    The buttons change simplythe view (from back, from front, from left...(
  14. sweetsounds

    Andrew Quint Reviews the Unique BACCH-SP Stereo Purifier

    I tested ORC in the last couple of hours. My setup: Mac mini -> Motu M4 -> Classe M600 -> Magico S5 II For DRC I use Accourate generated, full range filters in BACCH via the HAFConvo VST3 plug-in. First, some comments on the set up. I probably could have set it up myself, but for some reason...
  15. sweetsounds

    Keith_W DSP system

    Looks like a flawed meter, here is how to use the multimeter: Select the V with the wave on your multimeter. Your device doesn't have a FREQ mode to measure frequency. Not a difficult task, but please follow the guidelines when working with voltage <1000V: e.g. don't touch the metal tips...
  16. sweetsounds

    Andrew Quint Reviews the Unique BACCH-SP Stereo Purifier

    BACCH ORC was released today, I will install it tonight and report back hopefully in the next couple of days. So far I use a full-frequency DRC with Acourate with very positive results. > BACCH-ORC requires acoustic measurements with the BACCH-BM in-ear microphone and is therefore available...
  17. sweetsounds

    Poll: Audio Science Review in the World (2024)

    Munich, the High End Society city
  18. sweetsounds

    Harman acquires Roon

    I use it with the Tidal plugin, several others (Qobuz, Spotify ...) and Internet Radio Stations work as well of course. I know that you personally believe in low overhead solutions :-) and LMS - while it's Jama based - has quite low load and bit-perfect streaming (decoding can happen at server...
  19. sweetsounds

    Harman acquires Roon

    For those who can live with a poor man's Roon, LMS is still an excellent, well maintained choice, even 12 years later. The material skin gives you access to allmusic meta data. It is the amazing voluntary work of Ralph Irving, Craig Drummond and others that makes it so versatile. Combine it...
  20. sweetsounds

    Since no one would realistically mount a Salon2 on the Klippel,

    Amir should open a flag ship store for pink panthers. The Stereophile data definitely justifies the panther. It is too bad that there is little data on large speakers. Well, actually they mounted the Magico M9 on a Klippel, but have not published the data. I think someone in Seattle region...
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