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  1. Dimitri

    Unpopular Opinions in Music

    I love original ELO. I could keep almost any pre-1986 song on "repeat" all day. As for what Lynne is doing nowdays...I can do without. But not quite at the very bottom of the barrel like Billy Eye-lish. At least Lynne was part of something monumentaly great in the past. He should have kept...
  2. Dimitri

    About design philosophy _ are minimalists right or not ?

    Can't patent a simple circuit that came straight out of the example in a datasheet. But make it cheap and "good" , attach a story to it and it can can sell. If you end up adding "enginering pixie dust" to make it "yours", different and even patented especially if you stumble on something that...
  3. Dimitri

    Channel Separation?

    sure, minus that pesky "human capabilities to detect". I'm pretty sure when I cover my left ear the left channel doesn't "go away" "100%" .
  4. Dimitri

    Channel Separation?

    Give some thought to how much separation is present in the source material in the first place; then it will not be as "ridicilous".
  5. Dimitri

    Stereophile and Audio Cables

    Show-off! :) Most people would not let such a review stand unchallenged - I don't mistake their compulsion to react negatively to phrases like below "Before I seriously engage with any cable product, I need to know that it is thin, compliant, and gentle on my components' rear panels. If it...
  6. Dimitri

    Stereophile and Audio Cables

    The only way to "escape" is if posters exercise restrain from either bringing it up in the first place or commenting on the original post. "ABCDEFG said pink cables from the perfect mix of strangeum, unobtainium and expensium will even turn an AM radio to full HiFi quadrophonic system (as...
  7. Dimitri

    Stereophile and Audio Cables

    The make expen$ive power cables for those too !!!
  8. Dimitri

    Inside Yamaha amps

    Anytime there is a "progressively worsening" power ON problem with a unit that uses a stand-by supply voltage the first suspect is the one capacitor responsible for waiting long enough to sense someone pushed the power On button. I've had the symptom on a Carver receiver (it would either turn...
  9. Dimitri

    HiFi Technology Flatlined Last Century

    So ... EchoDot and Apple Homepod ?
  10. Dimitri

    The Truth About Vinyl Records

    It more cheap than it is "modern" . It's more compact than it is "modern". Here is what a real console looks like :
  11. Dimitri

    New ASR logo proposal

  12. Dimitri

    Serious Question: How can DAC's have a SOUND SIGNATURE if they measure as transparent? Are that many confused?

    All we need is a way of measuring this: Listen to it with your eyes closed to avoid what @Blumlein88 pointed out
  13. Dimitri

    New ASR logo proposal

    Yuck after 20189 messages, 36303 likes Brilliant, after 1966 messages and 2564 likes. I think we are done. Now we can move on to other important issues, for example, do reviewers with a mutsache appear more credible in videos?
  14. Dimitri

    New ASR logo proposal

    I find the unsolicited logo proposal rather presumptuous.
  15. Dimitri

    Are trainers (sneakers) like HiFi?

    Sneakers are a sociology topic unless you are a professional athlete. Then it's a matter of sponsorhorship contracts and performance. (mostly sponsorship contracts) :)
  16. Dimitri

    Decoupling/bypass & signal path capacitors for op-amps (NE5532 in Aiyima A07 vs. TPA3255evm)

    Just a reminder (and I like a thread going off the rails and the topic as much as the next guy), the discussion started as an inquiry regarding bypass capacitors and has developed into capacitors in the signal path. ;)
  17. Dimitri

    Decoupling/bypass & signal path capacitors for op-amps (NE5532 in Aiyima A07 vs. TPA3255evm)

    Here is their story and they are sticking to it: ( ) " Texas Instruments includes electrolytic capacitors on evaluation boards because there is a chance they will be operated off a switching power supply, or operated near AM stations with long...
  18. Dimitri

    OCD HI-Fi Guy on Audio Grounding

    Many. Anyone can make youtube videos. (probably not the thought you were looking for :) ) Of all you watched what worries you the most ?
  19. Dimitri

    Can anyone explain the vinyl renaissance?

    Could be a little worse....he could have needed electricity....or an internet connection to stream
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