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  1. Nybto

    Working too hard can give you a Heart Attack Ack Ack Ack Ack Ack... My Heart Attack Story.

    Not the normal post, but thanks for writing it! Relevant and useful to many of us for sure. I am looking forward to your regular “uh huh” posts (which always make me grin) for many years to come!
  2. Nybto

    Two audiophiles walk into a bar... (finish the joke)

    Ouch!! It was a headphone bar ..
  3. Nybto

    Rugby World Cup 2023

    Super tough opener coming up for Scotland shortly :oops:. Springbok record win over ABs recently is ominous (if you are not a SA fan)
  4. Nybto

    Rugby World Cup 2023

    Very interesting England performance, I wonder if the drop kicks will come out again, or was that just an economic option given the one man deficit?
  5. Nybto

    Tom Danley Signature Series HRE1 4,400-watt 4-way Powered Loudspeaker

    They are a four way? I see a horn and the big woofer, where are the other two ways?
  6. Nybto

    Is it normal to have multiple amps in this hobby?

    Yes, multiple faulty amps, and one that still works..
  7. Nybto

    Review and Measurements of Benchmark HPA4 Headphone Amp/Pre

    There is no problem with doing that, the outputs are implemented to allow it. I have made up a XLR to RCA cable for mine however, and am driving the RCA mono input on the sub from the XLR mono output - as another option.
  8. Nybto

    New amplifier recommendation for B&W 802D

    I would suggest this is a case for a bit of EQ tuning rather than a new amp - miniDSP flex between your pre and your power amp - and a learning curve to climb (but it’s a fun one)
  9. Nybto

    Review and Measurements of Benchmark AHB2 Amp

    I would be looking hard at the settings on the RME, it would be so easy to have something wrong there. Also, try a +3bd on the bass with the RME - it can work wonders.
  10. Nybto

    Just fired up my first ever Hifi set-up. It's OK?

    Interesting comment about the discomfort, not heard much discussion of this before, but I tend to get a bit as well, and I have Focals.. I suspect there might be a bit of hearing damage with perhaps a sensitive frequency range, which is possibly in that 5-6khz zone. I have eq’d my set up so it...
  11. Nybto

    EQ in LMS/pCP?

    Okay, I think I am there. I had been experimenting on a standalone pi4, set up as LMS server and player, loading the .conf file to that. I finally tried uploading the .conf file (this one had the Hoverdonkey indents, not the seu indents) to my main server pi3B, with the pi4 just acting as...
  12. Nybto

    EQ in LMS/pCP?

    first problem, I was using a .rtf file, that's where all the extra lines came from, it has loaded properly now that I have figured out how to convert to plain text. Still doesn't work though. Hmm.
  13. Nybto

    EQ in LMS/pCP?

    Thanks! Yes, I didn't use the dots in the file, just spaces. Clearly I have a problem with uploading the file though, because it seems to have picked up all that colour calibration data.. yours doesn't have any of that. I need to figure out what is going on there..
  14. Nybto

    EQ in LMS/pCP?

    Well done @seu! I though that might help me aswell, but it didn't. My file looks like this in the Text Editor: # EQ setting for Senheiser 660 (oratory1990) flc flc * * ........# FT:{START=--skip=%t}U:{END=--until=%v} ........[flac] -dcs $START$ $END$ -- $FILE$ | [sox] -q -t wav - -b 24 -t flac...
  15. Nybto

    EQ in LMS/pCP?

    Very interesting! Could anyone comment on how many “equalizer” filters a pi4 can handle (coming from an RME ADI which is very limited)?
  16. Nybto

    Wild places, post em if you got em...

    Setting off down after a night at the Hörnlihütte, below the Matterhorn.
  17. Nybto

    Wild places, post em if you got em...

    Glen Nevis, Scotland..
  18. Nybto

    Coffee - do you and how do you consume it?

    I was going to mention this, though I didn’t realize quite how culturally significant this process was, an Ethiopian mother at our kids school set this up during the “international day”. When the little cups of coffee eventually arrived they were a delicious treat, satisfyingly concentrated...
  19. Nybto

    Espresso, anyone?

    I have a dedicated expresso Quick Mill Caruso Evo, beautifully made thing. I watch how the coffee flows into the cup and that pretty much tells me everything. I find small adjustments are routinely required as various variables change over time. I never see automatic machines, like the super...
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