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    Bi-Wiring speaker cables considerations

    I mean, it's a fair point, it takes effort to bring output impedance down, so even if the effort wouldn't be audible to the user (I use 10ohm output impedance with BA IEMs, sue me) the designers would tell you not to bottleneck their product. The relevant measurement would be IMD and we never...
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    Bi-Wiring speaker cables considerations

    A more general statement: Things that can be done at the user level are typically useless. Engineers today are careful enough to design things that maintain their performance even when used by a chimpanzee. Even if the concepts are backed by science and even used by designers: Bi-amping is...
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    Let's share placebo effect anecdotes!

    I met a guy whose DAC sounded different depending on where he placed the spike feet
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    Nordost SuperFlatLine Speaker Cable Review

    I need to sell a cable that you put beside a cable
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    Stereophile and Audio Cables

    *sweats looking for cables for vocals* Anybody wants to guess the name of the cable?
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    Snake Oil Department, Top This

    But... but... cryo cables... audiophile paint...! Can you prove they can't make a difference?
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    Bare wire to screw terminal connection?

    I end my turn
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    Bare wire to screw terminal connection?

    I feel uneasy without ring connectors...
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    Do Any Audio Accessories Actually Work?

    How to determine if an audio accessory work: Ask the seller how they perform production testing to avoid sending faulty units
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    Real USB loopback effects

    The amount of ground noise can be approximated to the typical performance of onboard sound If you don't hear noise from onboard sound (roughly -90dB typical, maybe -70 worst case), you situation is fine. And this is why this is often being the accepted performance level by equipment...
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    Real USB loopback effects

    Well, we are definitely digging into the details here, something shouldn't be done based on design, yet something also works when done. Put simply, it's like saying a car shouldn't be driven without a seatbelt, or that chain that discharges to ground. But people still do that anyway. (Don't...
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    Difference of $200 cartridge vs a $6,000+ cartridge?

    Even worse, oftentimes spending more money can get you less performance, if you buy the wrong brands.
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    Curious about this forum regarding my cable journey

    Translation: No cable has spoilt in 40 years Translation: Things that do nothing cannot spoil
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    Curious about this forum regarding my cable journey

    And many people can't hear even that, or they would have started caring about room correction.
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    Curious about this forum regarding my cable journey

    There is always a difference... If you replaced a cable with nothing, you don't hear any music. Logic tells us that between the point of "I can hear sound" and "I cannot hear sound" there has to be a point in-between which is "I can hear some sound". And in majority of applications, that point...
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    Using wire nuts to splice speaker cables?

    I was told crimp beats solder for physical connection, and solder should not be relied on for physical strength anyway. And even crimp + solder should be avoided because the solder will fall off or something. I have a bag of ring connectors that I can crimp-solder the wire onto tho. As a...
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    Fosi Audio V3 Mono Amplifier Review

    Turns out room reflections are nice yea?
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    Using wire nuts to splice speaker cables?

    I have speaker cable running thru the false wall One day I finally needed to change the cable. I pull the cable out from one end while pulling the new one in from the other end. (Use string or whatever imagination to attach the new cable to the old) Now imagine you have a big connector...
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    Using wire nuts to splice speaker cables?

    Doorbell wiring can't burn down your house, speaker cables exceeding a few amps of current can. Not exactly the same. Anything that is used for mains is fine for use for speakers. Unless your speakers are those that exceed 20 amps.
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