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  1. Eggs Ackley

    Fosi Audio's First Dual-Mode Balanced Amplifier ZA3

    I considered reordering from Fosi but it will cost 30.00 more and is a three month wait. My enthusiasm for this amp is gone.
  2. Eggs Ackley

    Fosi Audio's First Dual-Mode Balanced Amplifier ZA3

    Big disappointment. Lot's of little issues and finally a sudden death. Right out of the box it would not even power on. I had to hold the knob in for 15 seconds for it turn on and after that the start times would vary and the knob felt loose also lot's of pops and clicks. I would hold my breath...
  3. Eggs Ackley

    Fosi Audio BT20A Pro Amplifier Review

    I got one on Amazon for around ten dollars. It seems fine.
  4. Eggs Ackley

    Durability of Chinese amplifiers aiyima, smsl, fosi audio

    I have a Topping PA5 That's been running without issue for sixteen months. Now that's stunning reliability.;)
  5. Eggs Ackley

    ChatGPT explains why audio and wine reviews read the way they do.

    Hyperbolic and flowery language is often used in both audio equipment and wine reviews because both products evoke emotional and sensory responses that are difficult to quantify or describe using simple language. In both cases, reviewers are trying to convey their subjective experience of the...
  6. Eggs Ackley

    Reasons to doubt your noggin

    There is a parking garage that I frequently use and at the entrance gate a recorded voice says, "take the parking ticket". One time my wife said it sounded like "take the fucking ticket" and now every time I go there it sounds exactly that way, I mean for real. I think she damaged my brain.
  7. Eggs Ackley

    R.I.P. Jeff Beck

    I first saw the Jeff Beck Group with Rod Stewart, Ron Wood and Tony Newman in the summer of 1969 at the Commodore Ballroom in Lowell MA. I then saw him in 1972 with Bob Tench, Max Middleton, Clive Chaman and Cozy Powell in Boston and once more in 1973 as Beck Bogert and Appice at the Lundholm...
  8. Eggs Ackley

    GR Research LGK 2.0 Speaker Review (A Joke)

    Thanks for the link. That catalog sure brought back some memories. I forgot how cool Radio Shack was back in the day.
  9. Eggs Ackley

    Artists You Have Discovered Lately

    Not what I typically listen to but an interesting track none the less. I came across this one by accident. It'll give your system a good work out.
  10. Eggs Ackley

    Describe your decisive experience that completely changed your view of audiophilia with a comment.

    In an earlier post in this thread I shared how the advent of the cd player in the eighties was an epiphany for me. Well decades later I discovered streaming and here is the setup that got me started. It sounded better than you might think. I've moved on to a much better setup but this got me in...
  11. Eggs Ackley

    Describe your decisive experience that completely changed your view of audiophilia with a comment.

    Acquiring a Philips CD 104 player in 1984 changed my life. Since then I have never missed vinyl, not for a single moment.
  12. Eggs Ackley

    Dual Merus MA12070 Amplifier Sabaj A20 fully balanced : pictures inside )

    I own the first version and use it daily without any issues.. For me it is great amp, it has the features that I need and none that I don't and it sounds wonderful. The new version doesn't tempt me in any way. It is a completely different product. I don't understand why Sabaj chose to call it A20a.
  13. Eggs Ackley

    Poll for Topping PA5 owners only please.

    This is sad. I feel for you. I got mine in December and have had no problems. It seems like units from earlier in the production run have had fewer problems. I suspect something changed, maybe they were supplied bad components from a different source or some other anomaly. Never the less their...
  14. Eggs Ackley

    What’s your favourite Audio YouTuber?

    I like Cheap Audio Man because he drinks his booze from a coffee cup. I like Guttenberg because of all the shirts, I dislike Beekhuyzen because he hasn't changed his shirt in seven years and I like Zeos because he says f**k a lot.
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