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  1. The Equalizer

    What is the point of CD rips?

    I had ripped all my CDs, but then I started buying new ones and I got lazy about ripping the latest acquisitions. I don't subscribe to any music streaming services at the moment. Are there any provisions for liner notes? For digital downloads it's a bit spotty - I bought a couple of albums...
  2. The Equalizer

    Review and Measurements of Benchmark HPA4 Headphone Amp/Pre

    Has anyone been able to use the Apple TV remote control to adjust volume on an LA4 or HPA4? The remote learning procedure appears to work, but the control doesn't function. I saw one post on reddit suggesting the latest silver Apple TV remote doesn't support all IR frequencies.
  3. The Equalizer

    New kits from Amazon

    I picked up this crimper from Amazon to aid in terminating some speaker cables with SpeakONs and locking bananas, and I'm pleased with it. One question I have, though, is about the use of tin-plated copper ferrules in gold-plated banana connectors. Several sources I've run across warn against...
  4. The Equalizer

    Review and Measurements of Benchmark AHB2 Amp

    The box mine came in measures 15.5 x 13 x 6.75 inches / 39.4 x 33 x 17.1 centimeters (L x W x H).
  5. The Equalizer

    Review and Measurements of Benchmark HPA4 Headphone Amp/Pre

    Right now I am using an old Benchmark DAC1 (jumpers set for 0 dB XLR attenuation) directly into an AHB2 (sensitivity switch in lowest position). I believe the DAC1 does not employ digital volume. Would there be any system SNR advantage to inserting an LA4 / HPA4 between this converter and...
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    New Belkin Airplay 2 device

    I tried the same thing on iOS - loading a shared local iTunes music library in the Music app on my phone and routing the sound to the Belkin - and I did not get the same error. Everything worked. So the problem with the Belkin seems to be confined to shared libraries and Music / iTunes on macOS.
  7. The Equalizer

    New Belkin Airplay 2 device

    I ordered it directly from the website within an hour or so of the announcement. I think it became unavailable shortly thereafter. One other thing about this device: according to my router logs, it phones home (or phones somewhere). There are connections to (akamai)...
  8. The Equalizer

    New Belkin Airplay 2 device

    I got the Belkin today. When I try to use it with the Apple Music app on a Mac, while the app is connected to an iTunes shared library running on another computer in the house, I see this: "An error occurred while connecting to the AirPlay device 'Soundform Connect'. An unknown error occurred...
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    A quest for the perfect cable

    Piano wire is a little thin, but it's handy to restring a piano or, if the occasion arises, flexible enough for garroting. Be sure to wear gloves, though.
  10. The Equalizer

    A quest for the perfect cable

    I found the Blue Jeans LC-1 cable a little too stiff and the connectors a little too loose on several of my jacks. Lately I've been getting RCA cables made with Belden 1505F and Canare crimp plugs (also from Blue Jeans Cable). The Belden 1505F has similar shielding and is a bit more flexible...
  11. The Equalizer

    Is classical music purely acoustic at live venues?

    I don't think I've ever been to a classical concert at Orchestra Hall in Chicago that had sound reinforcement. I did see the Modern Jazz Quartet there, and that had some amplification. Haven't noticed it in smaller halls in the area, either, except for the Kronos Quartet at the Martin Theater...
  12. The Equalizer

    Geshelli archel2/.5 pro owners club

    At the moment I'm using the humble Grado SR80i. Generally I haven't been setting the knob higher than 9 or 10 o'clock, which probably isn't ideal. I tend not to listen at high volumes. Maybe I'll try some digital attenuation in combination to allow me to set the pot higher.
  13. The Equalizer

    Geshelli archel2/.5 pro owners club

    Just got the Archel 2.5 and I'm enjoying it with a pair of Grados. I wanted a headphone amplifier with a balanced input so I could make a long run (25+ feet) run to my seating position without worrying about picking up noise. A Grace SDAC Balanced is feeding it, which itself is at the end of a...
  14. The Equalizer

    Need to boost your WiFi signal? GaN might do it...

    I’ve had bad luck with the two powerline adapters I’ve tried (an old Actiontec and a new Zyxel Gh.n). Both injected noise into the stereo system: a low-level ticking that corresponded to network traffic - very audible and very annoying during quiet passages (louder in the right channel than the...
  15. The Equalizer

    ATOM Dac Coming very soon!

    The standby mode is a nice touch. I'd like that feature to come to the EL DAC II.
  16. The Equalizer

    NHT C3 measurements by SoundStage/NRC

    I was lucky enough to get the C3 for US$255 apiece from Amazon the day after Black Friday last year. They replaced the Classic Three which I had been using since 2012 in my stereo setup.
  17. The Equalizer

    GIK Acoustics absorption panels

    I bought a couple of these awhile back. Same thing on both of mine: feet not parallel to each other and not perpendicular to the edge of the panel.
  18. The Equalizer


    I don't know if I've ever heard it. I've never tested for it or been aware of it specifically. It may be minor in the scheme of things, but it does appear to exist. This is what Scott Dorsey wrote about it on "The direct drive systems have big multipole motors, and as the disc...
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    I bought a Music Hall MMF-2.2 with a preinstalled cartridge for a little over US$400. Now the model number is up to 2.3. At the time, I believe it was the cheapest model Music Hall offered. I think it's made in the same factory as Pro-Ject turntables. The cartridge is a rebranded Goldring...
  20. The Equalizer

    Which two phono preamps do you want measured?

    I'd also be interested in a test of the Hagerman Bugle3. At the moment I use a Bugle2 I bought a number of years ago. It came without a case and I'm still using it that way, mainly because I haven't found a case that will work. It runs on two 9V batteries. I believe AudioXpress tested a...
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