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  1. audio_tony

    Using NAD c298 in bridge mode

    For stereo, you'll need two amps for bridged mode. I presume you realise that?
  2. audio_tony

    What's the best way to plug in a USB DAC? Jeff Geerling would disagree. Bandwidth looks to be a bit of an issue here.
  3. audio_tony

    What's the best way to plug in a USB DAC?

    The USB and Ethernet implementations on early versions of the Pi (your link refers to a Pi2B) were quite poor. IIRC, the Ethernet and USB shared the same bus, and there was insufficient bandwidth to use both simultaneously at even modest throughput. So if you used the LAN and USB ports at the...
  4. audio_tony

    RPi + CamillaDSP Tutorial

    My post wasn't intended to offend, I was just telling it as I see it. I did find the binaries, however as I said in a previous post, I still fail to see how it all ties together. Got camillaDSP running - it's just camillaGUI I'm having issues with. It doesn't matter anyway, I was only curious...
  5. audio_tony

    RPi + CamillaDSP Tutorial

    As I said - because it's a class b (/16) network it's pure semantics. In the case of these particular addresses; - because it's a class b, the network address is (so the last two octets can be used to determine the actual IP address) - hence and...
  6. audio_tony

    RPi + CamillaDSP Tutorial

    I have indeed read your tutorial, but because I built it from source, the problem I'm having is tying it all together, principally the directory structure. My directory structure doesn't quite follow that given in your tutorial. To be fair, the entire thing is a bit of a 'mish mash' of various...
  7. audio_tony

    RPi + CamillaDSP Tutorial

    So I installed the gui and dependencies. File "/root/camillagui-backend/", line 5, in <module> import camilladsp ModuleNotFoundError: No module named 'camilladsp' This is truly for masochists! I've been a Linux sysadmin since the mid 90's and this has me totally confounded. It's...
  8. audio_tony

    RPi + CamillaDSP Tutorial

    I have built CamillaDSP from source on an X86 Linux machine. I cloned the source from here: I had hoped to get the web interface working for ease of configuration, so I started it like this: ./camilladsp simpleconfig.yml --port 8090 --address
  9. audio_tony

    moOde audio player for Raspberry Pi

    The Linux filesystem (ext4) is actually very resilient, as it's a journalling filesystem and copes well with sudden power loss. I've used the Pi fairly extensively over the past 10 years or so and never had a corrupt SD card either (and I don't use anything special).
  10. audio_tony

    resistor relay volume control preamp

    I have an A10H which I use as a preamp and it works well.
  11. audio_tony

    Why do some speakers (or amps) take more time to start?

    Most (if not all) solid state amplifiers will work from the moment power is applied. The clicking you hear is indeed relays, which are connected between the amp and the speakers. With a few rare exceptions, solid state electronic devices will operate as intended within milliseconds of power...
  12. audio_tony

    Replacement for my M-Audio Audiophile 2496 card

    Asus Xonar Essence STX or Asus Xonar DX - both excellent cards (with equally good A/D converters) and the DX can usually be picked up quite cheaply. Be aware that the DX came in PCI and PCIe flavours. Both cards can do stereo perfectly well, especially the Essence.
  13. audio_tony

    Cyburgs Needles

    It wasn't anything special. As with many of the designs in the book, Radio Shack drivers were recommended. For the tapered pipe it was a Radio Shack 5 1/4" speaker 40-1354 There wan't even a crossover! There was an additional paragraph about building a larger version with a 6 1/2" driver.
  14. audio_tony

    Audiolab 6000A Firmware update

    It's unfortunate that Audiolab are not offering updates for their products. I have a Q-Dac which crackles (sometimes) when connected via USB. I understand that the M-Dac had a similar issue. John Weslake (former contractor to Audiolab) offered updated firmware for the M-Dac which cured the...
  15. audio_tony

    Cyburgs Needles

    This looks similar to the tapered pipe design featured in the book 'Designing, Building and Testing Your Own Speaker System' by David B. Weems.
  16. audio_tony

    FFT Size impact on Noise level in Virtins Multi Instrument 3.8 ? - FIXED in v3.9

    In the documentation for WaveGene and WaveSpectra, the developer explains that for optimum THD / noise measurements, the frequency should fall exactly in a 'bin'. I seem to recall that Picoscope mention the same thing in their documentation. WaveGen / WaveSpectra explanation here...
  17. audio_tony

    FFT Size impact on Noise level in Virtins Multi Instrument 3.8 ? - FIXED in v3.9

    Replying to my own post as I note that the link I posted no longer exists! Here it is in PDF format.
  18. audio_tony

    moOde audio player for Raspberry Pi

    Thanks for replying. Whilst I have a lot of experience with Linux as a sysadmin, my dev skills are somewhat lacking. I took a look at your github page and pondered over trying to port it to Intel but quickly realised doing so was somewhat above my pay grade!
  19. audio_tony

    moOde audio player for Raspberry Pi

    Are there any future plans to rollout an Intel version? Whilst I think the Pi is a great little device, I have an abundance of Intel kit here!
  20. audio_tony

    Car Audio Installation - Tech Help with ALTERNATOR WHINE

    Back in the 80's, I worked as a bench tech for a car audio installer. I was often called upon to resolve noise issues, and the most common issue with multi amplifier installations was was earthing / grounding, which always led to alternator whine. Our tried and tested solution was to run two...
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