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  1. alekksander

    Austrian Audio Hi-X60 Headphone Review

    cute little coiled connector
  2. alekksander

    E1DA Cosmos ADCiso Review

    ayee… this is so good! exactly what i need to digitalize one of my two vinyls.
  3. alekksander

    Topping D50 III Balanced DAC with EQ Review

    great. now please integrate "five star" headphone amp with plug detection, volume memory per output, eq presets switchable by physical button or auto per output and good warranty. all this to compete with rme. oh, and the acceptable design, but you guys got this one for a time now (d30pro being...
  4. alekksander

    SMSL VMV P2 Headphone Amp Review

    quite interesting design, but the price is absurd
  5. alekksander

    Poll: How do you primarily listen to audio at home?

    mainly milk steaks, but sometimes magnets. rarely ghouls. on more serious note: poll is great, but i'm truly surprised how many people feel need to speak about their system out of the blue. guys, this is a poll, nobody is going to note your audio system descriptions.
  6. alekksander

    HIFIMAN Susvara Headphone Review

    as usual, strong distortion results in hype in certain audiophile enthusiasts circles.
  7. alekksander

    7Hz Salnotes Zero IEM Review

    nice to see them reviewed finally! for me it's another pass – too much harman, not enough balance. just another shouty iem trying to impress listener.
  8. alekksander

    KZ ZSX IEM Review

    do You really think anyone openly shitting on a product (because of honesty, not sinister personality) will be ever contacted to review their stuff? reviewers are picked in the way to improve product opinion, not the opposite. 90% of reviewers (of any sort of product) will go lightly on the...
  9. alekksander

    SMSL D400 Pro Balanced DAC Review

    not my cup of tea, but seems they eventually improved visual design aspect
  10. alekksander

    Nan-7 Planar Magnetic Headphone Review

    mainly curiosity also people who still believe in magical encounters exists. lately i met one of them and was blessed with a words of wisdom: "audiophilia demands constant changes"
  11. alekksander

    RME ADI-2 DAC FS - AKM Versus ESS Measurements (DAC, Preamp & Headamp)

    done that, but 20% is still not enought for me. also rings could be slightly dimmed. probably have to change placement of the unit so it doesnt point at my face.
  12. alekksander

    RME ADI-2 DAC FS - AKM Versus ESS Measurements (DAC, Preamp & Headamp)

    excellent measurement raport. helped me with the decision. bought used AKM version cause it was available for reasonable price locally. nice device over all. not a big fan of it's display, but it's not that bad. wish auto dark mode leaves some sort of indicator that helps to recognize if the...
  13. alekksander

    Topping DX5 Review (DAC & HP Amp)

    @simmconn very nice post, thanks for sharing it! and the conclusions as well. superb! does it depend of number of tries, or restricted to sample rate? could You show us some more examples of when does it happen and of what come out perfectly? personally i'm one step from getting this unit, but...
  14. alekksander

    Topping DX5 Review (DAC & HP Amp)

    Is it Your unit that is disassembled? Can i ask You do show me the volume knob pin? and maybe some measurements of vol knob?
  15. alekksander


    not bad, but unless very specific housing i don't see a reason why one wouldn't prefer a regular „dongle dac”. similar price, likely better performance.
  16. alekksander

    Moondrop LAN Review

    yes i thought so too, but then… check first sound performance descriptions – the one with vertical fr. while this review is nice and colorful, i feel it's moving slightly towards "magical" side of audio – not only because it draws fr to the target noting it as flat (to the target, i guess the...
  17. alekksander

    Moondrop LAN Review

    curious review. though… am i the only one not considering harman target as flat? i mean frequency sweep with this "neutral" harman instantly shows how uneven it is. i'm not sure about folks in their forties (yes, gonna report it in one decade too), but as for an average person in their 30s...
  18. alekksander

    Schiit Loki Mini+ Equalizer Review

    despite i can't see a use for it personally, i have to admin i like it…a small handy equalizer. schiit products really grew in my eyes recently, but if only the performance were a lit bit better…
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