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  1. richard12511

    Sigberg Audio Manta Cardioid active speakers: Full measurements (Spinorama)

    The White's are gorgeous! Then again I love the look of most other white monitors(Genelec Ones, D&D, Grimm). Something about the contrast with the black drivers just works very well for my tastes.
  2. richard12511

    ATC speakers / Monitors

    Very good chance I’ll get to hear a set of ATC SCM 110A this coming Sunday. I’m pretty excited; I’ve heard from several people who seem to prefer them even over the 150s.
  3. richard12511

    Let's share placebo effect anecdotes!

    Never done it with Whiskey, but I bet that's fun!. We did it once or twice a week with beer in college(4 of us). We kept 2 fridge fulls of like 10-20 beers at any given time; one person would pick the 3 beers and conduct the test, and the other 3 roommates would be the tasters. Then I went...
  4. richard12511

    Let's share placebo effect anecdotes!

    I first noticed this phenomenon in college when I got really into blind taste testing beers in order to rank them and discover my preferences. Closing my eyes made me "better" at tasting, or at least I thought it did :D.
  5. richard12511

    Let's share placebo effect anecdotes!

    I kinda disagree, at least to some extent. To me, it's not so clear the distinction between imagined and heard when it's the same device that does both things(the brain). If our brain's placebo can actually cure us of disease, then I see no reason why it can't actually make us actually "hear"...
  6. richard12511

    My favourite live intro.

    I've never understood this. I can kind of understand taking a few second clip to post on instagram or something to show you're friends where you are, but often times I see people recording the entire performance this way.You're essentially compromising your present selfs own enjoyment of the...
  7. richard12511

    My favourite live intro.

    My favorite band, and my favorite vocalist ever :D. Such a powerful voice. This is the version I always sing in my head when I think of the song, and it's definitely the best version IMO. It's rare that I prefer the live version of a song over the studio version, but this is one rare case that I...
  8. richard12511

    Subwoofers with high level input for 6-stack ?

    Just curious, why is it that you need high level inputs? High level inputs come with a bunch of negatives, and very little(if any) positives. What does your end to end electronics chain look like? You mentioned that you have a miniDSP? Maybe there's another solution to the problem you're trying...
  9. richard12511

    What is generally the best material for speaker cones with the least compromise and most benefits?

    :D. Maybe some day we'll see some uber high end speaker where the cabinet is made from recycled(destroyed) Stradivarius violins. Surely that would sound phenomenal, and you could justifiably charge in the millions.
  10. richard12511

    Most beautiful speakers in the world ?

    They’re visually quite ugly(not a fan of the pile of boxes look at all), but I’ve heard them twice now(not that model), and both times they sounded incredible. At least to my ears, I wasn’t hearing anything wrong, and quite the opposite. Maybe we can get some on the NFS one day :).
  11. richard12511

    Sigberg Audio Manta Cardioid active speakers: Full measurements (Spinorama)

    100-200Hz is a very common problem in rooms. If anything, the D&D and 8C actually seem to handle this area better than other high end “normal” radiating speakers, at least from the examples I’ve seen.
  12. richard12511

    Does the Genelec S360A really sound better than the Genelec 8361A?

    The S360A is actually one of the models I auditioned a few years ago along side the Ones and some much larger more traditional models. I ended up liking the Ones a bit better for just about everything(wider soundstage, more stable image, better tonality, better female vocals, sound doesn't...
  13. richard12511

    Vivid Audio Giya G1's vs G1 Spirits

    I love watching Magnus videos.
  14. richard12511

    KEF R11 Meta Tower Speaker Review

    Damn, for that price I probably would have pulled the trigger, even though I don’t need them.
  15. richard12511

    ATC speakers / Monitors

    Agreed that is the most likely explanation. B&W does the exact same thing in their most expensive speakers, for example. Eqing that dip up makes it so that there is far too much overall(off + on adis) energy in that range.
  16. richard12511

    What's been your experience with SMSL/Topping reliability & warranty support?

    For me personally, this is an easy "no". Beyond 90dB or so, the only thing that matters to me are features, reliability, and price. Paying more for extra silence that I can't hear anyway is just a waste of money at best, and at worst, they've compromised other aspects of the design(reliability...
  17. richard12511

    ATC speakers / Monitors

    What distance is this measured from?
  18. richard12511

    Audioholics Speaker Reviews

    In theory, More reviews(from products sent in by members) could draw in more readers, which increases ad revenue. Including negative reviews as well as positive reviews would make you a more trusted source for reviews, which could draw in more readers, which increases ad revenue. Providing...
  19. richard12511

    Snake Oil Department, Top This

    Indeed! I call it the brain's "dsp module". Soundwaves enter the ear, hit the eardrum, then the signal passes through the brain's dsp module(which can drastically alter all aspects of sound), and that's what one ultimately "hears".
  20. richard12511

    Snake Oil Department, Top This

    That was nice to see from Paul, but the guy basically doubled down to say "I know basically nothing about electricity or electrical circuits, but I know I can hear a difference, and therefore it must be true". He never stopped to think "I hear with my brain, not my ears, and maybe, just maybe...
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