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  1. Icboschert

    Revel PerformaBe F226Be Floorstanding Speaker Review

    Yeah even with wood framing and drywalled walls/ceiling it is hard to get good bass. I have to boost the gain on the subs often. They are 4 cubic feet DIY subs that are potent but wish I had 15s in this situation haha
  2. Icboschert

    Revel PerformaBe F226Be Floorstanding Speaker Review

    I have these in a basement on thick carpet that sits on concrete. For me I just didn’t get enough bass if I crossed lower than 80hz. Running two 12” ported subs
  3. Icboschert

    Tekton M-Lore Speaker Review

    it is a crime how ugly this speaker is
  4. Icboschert


    Huge Nolan fan here, with the exception of Tenet. He reached too far there and between the insane sound mixing and story, it wasn't enjoyable. On to Oppenheimer, I thought it was really well done. The sound mix wasn't bad to my ears, I've heard lots of people complaining but it wasn't like...
  5. Icboschert

    Buckeye Amps: Purifi Mono, 2ch, and 3ch Official Thread

    Received mine yesterday and the upgrade from the MRX 520 internal amps is BIG. The bass on my F226Bes has really come to life. Auto-sensing works great.
  6. Icboschert

    Poll for Topping PA5 owners only please.

    Was team Android with Nexus and Pixel devices for over a decade and after some lackluster experiences with a $1100 Pixel 6 Pro, I was done. iPhone 13 Pro just works. battery life truly stunning as well.
  7. Icboschert

    JBL Synthesis SCL-6 In-Wall Speaker Review (by Erin)
  8. Icboschert

    Verum Audio Verum 1 Review (Headphone)

    I have the one of the 'first editions' of this headphone and have mixed feelings. Liked the idea of supporting a startup with great materials but upon delivery, there was channel imbalance issues that could only be resolved by literally banging on the cups until the balance was equal. It didn't...
  9. Icboschert

    Upcoming Tom Danley Hifi speakers

    Not sure how beautiful you can make a unity horn :)
  10. Icboschert

    Upcoming Tom Danley Hifi speakers

    The small hope I had that these would be affordable, like underneath $5000, was crushed lol
  11. Icboschert

    Kali IN-5 announcement

    1/3 smoothing though
  12. Icboschert

    Kali IN-5 announcement

    was selfishly hoping they would reduce the size of these even more than they did but then they'd lose low frequency extension is my guess
  13. Icboschert

    NHT C3 Review (3-way speaker)

    I bought a pair of these to try out and my ears seem to be validated a little bit here which is nice. Playing my favorite acoustic and singer/songwriter material, the male vocals were a little thin and the guitars just a bit too bright. The coverage was nice though with the 3-way design and...
  14. Icboschert

    Anthem AVM60 Review (AV Processor)

    Anthem owner here. I won't buy another one of their products again after the fiasco I've had owning the 520 in addition to the measurements issue.
  15. Icboschert

    WTB: Revel F206 or 208 (PAUSED)

    Pausing the search for now but feel free to message in the meantime if you have something. Thanks!
  16. Icboschert

    WTB: Revel F206 or 208 (PAUSED)

    If anybody is looking for sell, I'm interested. Upper midwest of U.S. a major plus
  17. Icboschert

    Revel PerformaBe F226Be Floorstanding Speaker Review

    @hardisj not to be the comparison guy but I imagine these floor standers throw a bigger wall of sound than the Selahs you reviewed? I'm trying out some NHT C3 speakers now crossed over to subs and I'm just not getting large scale sound like I've heard from a brief Revel F36 demo. Wondering if I...
  18. Icboschert

    Build of Carmody S2000

    Nice cabinet. Is that a gel stain?
  19. Icboschert

    Niles SI-2150 Class D Amplifier Review

    Think that's Europe only and 230 mains voltage. Good deal for those over there
  20. Icboschert

    FS: QSC GX3 2-Channel Amplifier

    How loud is the fan? Relative to the XLS
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