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  1. sacguy231

    Horrible sounds from equalizer

    I had a PR-102 and thankfully sold it. It sounded very nice, but I could get an earth-shattering sound/feedback if I accidentally stopped on or chose the input that I was also trying to monitor. Never damaged any gear, but gave me a jump scare once or twice. It was an unacceptable design flaw...
  2. sacguy231

    SMSL D400 Pro Balanced DAC Review

    Great measurements, but as others have noted I don't see a great deal of value at this price point since there are cheaper offerings with fantastic measurements. The case/build seems very nice, but I'd love to see some DSP features at this price.
  3. sacguy231

    Is there an Android-free DAP out there?

    I would love to have a small form factor android-free DAP. I love the small size of something like the Shanling M1S, or the Hiby RS2 which use proprietary operating systems, but my problem is that all the non-android DAPs are "song limited", like the M1S has a 20,000 song limit, as do various...
  4. sacguy231

    WiiM Pro Streamer

    Curious to know if the unit will feed the analog input at the digital output? I have a Yamaha WXC-50 that does this and it's helpful if I want to convert an analog format (like tape) to digital.
  5. sacguy231

    NAD C268 Power Amplifier Review

    I've now had this c268 for a few months, it's been a great performer. Runs cool, noise floor is low enough, and seems to have ample power to drive my Polk LSIM 705 with authority. I really like the ability to use single-ended or balanced, and particularly like the ability to adjust input...
  6. sacguy231

    WiiM Mini Review (Streamer)

    Got one based on the review, it arrived today and I just set it up. It's perfect for my use case. I am not interested in Roon. This WiiM is a nice addition to my home gym where I wanted to add Airplay 2. Now, using Siri, I can access my music hands-free while exercising. I have it connected...
  7. sacguy231

    Apt Holman Preamplifier Review (vintage Audio)

    Yep! I have a full DBX stack in one setup. I love the tone controls on the CX1. They are extremely useful, and the owner's manual is the most well-written one I've ever seen. Brief breakdown in simple language of all the features, along with recommendations on how to use them, then pages and...
  8. sacguy231

    Apt Holman Preamplifier Review (vintage Audio)

    It was fully recapped. I had a 1700 for a bit, yep basically identical save for the tuner and remote on yours. I love the tone control turnover points. Most tone controls are an afterthought, or have the generic 100 Hz bass and 10,000 Hz treble turnovers, which I've never found particularly...
  9. sacguy231

    Apt Holman Preamplifier Review (vintage Audio)

    I've always wanted to try this model. I love older preamplifiers because modern ones normally don't have all the features of the past (tape loops, external processor loops, tone controls, switched outlets, etc.). For someone like me, who still listens to a multitude of formats, including...
  10. sacguy231

    Drop Ether CX Review (Closed Planar Headphone)

    Nice to see this reviewed. I have the Aeon Closed RT, and really like it. Not sure if this is worth looking in to...a case of upgradeitis...but nice to see it measured in any case.
  11. sacguy231

    Headphone stand - suggestions needed!

    I recently got the Woo Audio double stand, approx $120 USD. They make a single version, seen earlier in the thread. It's quite heavy, and mine seems built well and finished nicely (edges, corners, fittings, etc.). I like having the double version since I figure if I'm already going to have a...
  12. sacguy231

    MASSDROP X Focal ELEX Review (headphone)

    Focal must have some real batch inconsistency/unit variation. I was lucky enough to find a mint Elex listed locally yesterday (cables hadn't even been unwrapped!), so I contacted the seller and he agreed to meet the same afternoon. I had the chance to test prior to purchase, and knew in advance...
  13. sacguy231

    The Truth Pre Amp Review

    Wow, build looks incredibly shoddy. Like something that came from a middle school science fair. Ugh.
  14. sacguy231

    Ifi Zen Can....has this unit been measured here yet?

    To the above comment asking why do I need less than 10 o'clock for the volume control? I don't "need" it. But, I have plenty of other gear where the manufacturer managed to figure out how to implement an analog volume control that works properly. With my particular Zen Can, the first 30% of the...
  15. sacguy231

    Ifi Zen Can....has this unit been measured here yet?

    I am returning my Zen Can, just got it yesterday. Sound was good, and the build seems nice, but it has a substantial channel imbalance until the volume pot is around 10 o'clock. iFi even has a page addressing it: I get that analog pots can have...
  16. sacguy231

    Adam A5X Review (Powered Studio Monitor)

    I have and still use the older A7 (not the "X" version) and love them. I think they are going on 11 or 12 years old now. Their tonality is great, and they are highly resolving - perhaps a bit spicy up top, but easy to tame in my setup. I have had to replace the cheap power switches on both left...
  17. sacguy231

    Best bass headphones

    I recently got a pair of Fostex TH-X00 Ebony in trade, and I've been generally impressed with them. Bass extends quite deep, and has plenty of impact. They are "fun" headphones, but are capable of impressive resolution and musicality considering what their asking price was. It is my most...
  18. sacguy231

    MrSpeakers Ether CX - good value/recommended by ASR?

    I'd love to see a review of these. I got the Drop Aeon Closed X a couple months back and really enjoy them; I think they are a very good value. I'd be curious to know if the CX is a worthwhile upgrade, or if it's really not much better/different.
  19. sacguy231

    SPL Phonitor X Review (DAC & Headphone Amp)

    Saddened by this performance, I had been seriously thinking about getting one. :/
  20. sacguy231

    Dan Clark Audio AEON RT Review (closed headphone)

    Mine came in a Mr. Speakers case, guess they have a lot of old cases in their inventory :) The headphones are great, so no regrets, though it's a shame that Drop provides a pretty lackluster experience. Day 2 and I'm still enjoying these quite a bit.
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