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  1. Ze Frog

    I don't know if this is "fun"... but I have an "Identify these trees, please" post

    My second guess would be an Aspen. Beyond those two, no idea. What part of the world are you in?
  2. Ze Frog

    I don't know if this is "fun"... but I have an "Identify these trees, please" post

    Looks like a variety of silver birch to me, looks like a Himalayan sub species possibly.
  3. Ze Frog

    Keith_W DSP system

    Interesting. I have long thought that people seem to like too much of a bass boost and it seems to be a rather commonplace thing that people seemingly enjoy. Listened to many systems over the years where I've felt bass is overdone yet others have really enjoyed it. When I was younger I did enjoy...
  4. Ze Frog

    What is your favorite house curve

    Altering to taste really is perfectly fine in my eyes, pretty sure most artists just want people to enjoy their work first and foremost. In my mind the idea of flat/neutral measuring gear is just as important wether someone likes that sound or wishes to add their own EQ or use a house curve as...
  5. Ze Frog

    What is your favorite house curve

    Look up online, Harman Curve seems to be one of the most popular.
  6. Ze Frog

    Experience with separate super-tweeters?

    To be honest super tweeter's seem rather irrelevant these days when any competent speaker can go higher than most can here, just another complexity and expense in my opinion. If the very top end isn't of high enough output, I'd rather look for something with more in that sense rather than have...
  7. Ze Frog

    What is your favorite house curve

    I actually prefer the monitor style gradual slope down, no raising low end for me. When I was a teenager though I did prefer a boosted bass, funny how taste changes with age.
  8. Ze Frog

    Help Shape Our Next Innovation: The ZA5 Balanced Power Amplifier!

    I'd say Hypex and Purifi based stuff would be awesome. Also, maybe a nice case that sets the amplifier apart, possibly some VU meters
  9. Ze Frog

    Subwoofer suggestions

    Sorry, was a typo, meant 0.5, maybe I've been misunderstanding the design philosophy somewhat as I'm certainly no expert. My understanding was a higher Qts allows for a smaller box to be used, maybe I've been attributing that to other things as well where it's not needed.
  10. Ze Frog

    Subwoofer suggestions

    I've no doubt it works for all those things, have seen it proven many a time. My main thing with plugging ports to create a sealed response is more the driver being optimised for such as a lot of modern drivers have a low qts compared to what is ideally suited for a sealed enclosure. Ideally for...
  11. Ze Frog

    Subwoofer suggestions

    The one thing that bothers me about plugging ports though is most of the drivers in today's speakers really don't have the parameters to get the best from a sealed enclosure. For my D.I.Y build it took me a lot of time and going through various driver's to find something with the ideal qts among...
  12. Ze Frog

    Music You Strongly Dislike (Just For Fun)

    Ed Sheeran U2 Adele Madonna Kings of Leon Placebo Limp Bizkit... ... could be a pretty long list to be honest, but more modern and mainstream stuff is definitely all on that exorbitantly long list. Most mainstream played to death on radio stuff makes me cringe, I actually hated Tears For...
  13. Ze Frog

    Schiit Vidar 2 Stereo Amplifier Review

    I certainly admire Schiit for their design and decent prices, and the fact it's largely in house stuff. Certainly not too shabby, and for those who just can't look beyond Class AB then a good choice for the money. Wonder when they will start doing class D based stuff.
  14. Ze Frog

    Bit depth & sample rate display

    I'd say don't bother with something that shows such things... reason being when I briefly dabbled with streaming I found that you end up forever checking such parameters wether you can hear the difference or not, ends up being an almost consuming habit. If this isn't you then by all means, but...
  15. Ze Frog

    Help me fix my broken Revel C12!

    I'd go further and replace all the capacitors while the boards out, anything half decent will do.
  16. Ze Frog

    Carver M-1.5t Review (Vintage Amp)

    Thanks Amir. Pretty shocking the performance, but to be honest back then I guess who was measuring any of this stuff, manafacturers probably had a lot less incentive to engineer as long as it sounded passable by the ears of enough customers. To be honest though, if I had one of these back then...
  17. Ze Frog

    Eversolo AMP-F2 Class D Power Amplifier (Coming Soon)

    That's interesting, could there possibly be different SKU's of these?
  18. Ze Frog

    Eversolo AMP-F2 Class D Power Amplifier (Coming Soon)

    Would be interesting to see one with a modified PSU, wonder if anyone has gone to the trouble... To be fair to Eversolo it's not their amp design, so hopefully in future they create their own or use something that's more fitting with their own casework. I'd have concerns about this one even if...
  19. Ze Frog

    Eversolo AMP-F2 Class D Power Amplifier (Coming Soon)

    To be honest it's not the SINAD that bothers me so much with this amp, rather the fact it is way off in power output. I commented on a review that pretty much backed up the fact something was seriously wrong in that regard, lol, although I shouldn't have as it didn't go down well, but was...
  20. Ze Frog

    WiiM Ultra

    To be fair I'm astounded it's offered at all at the price, really impressive. Maybe I've watched the wrong reviews, wasn't even aware of room correction until now. Anyone here got any experience with the room correction at all?
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