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  1. August

    E1DA Cosmos ADCiso Review

    The unbalanced left and right channels may be caused by the mono mode of the adc being enabled.Volume over 50% on windows will enable mono mode.
  2. August

    1 bit DAC launched by TOPPING

    You can see it on the D90iii discrete image above, but the D50iii and other unreleased models will also have this feature. d50iii will be available next Tuesday!
  3. August

    1 bit DAC launched by TOPPING

    All of these dacs that are not yet available will support 10-band peq.
  4. August

    A Thread Dedicated to Cirrus Logic CS43131

    jm30,It started because the @staticV3 measured jm20 piqued my interest.By comparing it to my measurements, it's reasonable to believe they are roughly the same design, and different looks.
  5. August

    A Thread Dedicated to Cirrus Logic CS43131

    In order, sinad=114db, dynamic range=68.1+60db, and j-test at 48k sample rate. Data were measured using @IVX's apu.
  6. August

    A Thread Dedicated to Cirrus Logic CS43131

    The isolator used is the hs02.
  7. August

    TANCHJIM One IEM Review

    Would like to see a dsp version of the measurement. For a small price increase (just -$3!:eek:) You can get better factory frequency response and offline eq.
  8. August

    AV123 / GR Research X-Voce Speaker Review

    Worried about amirm's back.:facepalm:
  9. August


    The pre output is amplified using the nfca module, which provides the same voltage as the headphone output.
  10. August

    TOPPING "1U"

    Topping seems to be releasing the rack mount series soon.
  11. August

    TOPPING A70 Pro

    Any budget dac and a70pro, a70pro it is unique, it is Topping's best product to date. IMO d70pro is just average, no substantial upgrade from dx7pp and d90se.
  12. August

    New Chinese IEM's

    D-fi for kz, dd driver but with multiple tuning switches. In my opinion tuning can also be compared to competitors such as moondrop or tanchjim.
  13. August

    Topping estats amp EHA5 (details updated)

    Now available
  14. August

    Topping D30Pro Review (Balanced DAC)

    They are wson packages of opa1612.
  15. August

    TOPPING HS02 coming

    Aren't these the features built into the ess chip?:p
  16. August

    New Topping L70 is just insane.

    With the amirm measuring 22.4khz and the wolfx measuring 20Khz, the extra ultrasonic noise can make a big difference.
  17. August

    Topping A90 Discrete Review (Headphone Amp & Preamp)

    This is a new feature added by topping after listening to user suggestions. A detailed explanation is in the link.
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