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    SMSL SP400 Review (headphone amp)

    If worry so much about the heat on the SP400 just put a 140mm usb fan (a silent one for pc cases) in front of it. Or next to it. You can power it with a usb charger or a powerbank. I used to do that with a old Yamaha receiver during very hot summer days .
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    SMSL SP400 Review (headphone amp)

    I did put some audio feet under mine so there is more airflow. Mine does get „warm“ after multiple hours but I would hardly call it hot :)
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    The Death of Windows 10

    I hate using windows at work. MacOS and Linux at home. Even my 60 year parents have no problems with Ubuntu.
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    Mac Mini vs. Roon Nucleus One as roon server?

    The nucleus one will probably be a bit weak if you start DSD upsampling , convolution filters, multiroom streaming. I run a M1 MacBook as my roon server for some time now and no issues at all. A new Mac mini with M2/M4 (shouldn’t be that long) with 16gb of ram should be a awesome roon...
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    FLUX Mentor - teardown, inside pictures and a few measurements

    They make amazing equipment for sure :)
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    Fosi Audio V3 Mono Amplifier Review

    Yeah let’s keep adding stuff to the landfills with more and more throwaway stuff. :)
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    Comments and tests on a LM audio MIN400A China made Purify inspired amplifier.

    With all the manufacturers in the EU/UK/US that have great support and are not much more expensive, i don’t get why someone would buy a amp like this from china. Especially if you end up messing around with the internals bring the performance up to a competitive level.
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    Looking for brands of DAC/Amp stacks that have matching, stackable Power Amps that I can add later. Prioritizing build quality and clean, simple looks

    For this money you could as well get a nice integrated class A/B amp with subwoofer out from rotel / Yamaha
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    What cartridges are compatible with Pro Ject Automat A1?

    I would be interested in trying the Bronze. But at the price they asking for the bronze you might as well get a AT VM740ML (a lot cheaper) or a AT VM750SH (still a bit cheaper)
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    Singxer SU-6 + RME ADi2 DAC FS V3

    SA1 50 degrees Celsius? lol ? I run mine in high gain and pretty loud as well with planar headphones. It gets maybe a bit warm if you touch it. But this thing is not even close to 35 degrees after multiple hours . There is nothing I would say sounds creamy.
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    Reliability and build quality of Chinese Vs. Western Amps and DACs? Can you reliably get 15+ years out of a Topping Stack? Or SMSL? Singxer?

    Western gear can also fail. But I consider myself lucky, never had anything fail on me from Chinese or western manufacturers (most of it made in china). My SMSL gear (SP400 , D300) is still doing fine since day one. Also my Singxer SA1. I can’t say anything bad about my Cambridge CXN v2 and...
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    Singxer SU-6 + RME ADi2 DAC FS V3

    The singxer is not really a class A amp. If you really push the amp it will switch to AB. (Not that it makes a difference). I also use the singxer SA1 and a SMSL SP400 (thx amp) and there is zero difference in soundquality.
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    New Ortofon "Concorde Music" Cartridges

    Why would someone use this cartridge over a regular one? Is the shape special?
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    New phono cart needed

    maybe post a couple pictures of the frequency response :)
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    Objective Differences Between Technics G & GR Models

    I was on the fence between SL1500C (black Friday sale 829 euro new) and the GR , can’t remember the price of the GR but it was still around 1400 euro. And I would have needed a phono stage (so at least another 100-200€). Didn’t seem to be worth it considering the limitations of Vinyl. Slapped...
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    Nice turntables. Attached picture is an absolute requirement.

    AT VM95ML cartridge Upgrade happened already:) also more LPs :)
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    The Courteous Vinyl Playback Discussion

    Well I’m kinda done with Blue Note Classics , and most new LPs reissues. Literally returned every Blue note classic and a bunch more from other labels. Verve AS series didn’t disappoint me yet. But they are overpriced as well in Europe. Only used vintage stuff from now on. Just placed a...
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    The Courteous Vinyl Playback Discussion

    received recently yet another blue note reissue LP made by Optimal and while the LP sounds mostly fine the first track on one side has a bit of distortion that sounds like scratching sounds. is this long line in the picture that looks like needle scratches "non-fill"? so annoying to receive...
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    New phono cart needed

    Audio Trchnica VM95ML .. ML stylus with cartridge for under 200 bucks
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