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    Mini-review Ascend ELX Ribbon Tower …

    The most popular threads on ASR are based on subjective reviews from a member with $30k to burn. Ah yes, the only reason I could have for acknowledging your illogical arguments is if I have some sort of financial gain...? What a joke. I don't sell anything besides my personal gear when...
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    Mini-review Ascend ELX Ribbon Tower …

    OP never even made subjective claims about his cables! If anyone wants to comment on the fact that different speakers sound different to the OP in his room, be my guest, but latching onto things like this is embarrassing to the community.
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    Mini-review Ascend ELX Ribbon Tower …

    Some ad hominem bs as usual. Trying to make your argument about me doesn't validate it. I never said I think cables make a difference. I'm saying someone mentioning their cables doesn't invalidate everything else they've said. Most here would argue that room dimensions and speaker layout are...
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    Mini-review Ascend ELX Ribbon Tower …

    These sort of straw man arguments give ASR a bad reputation. A member goes out of their way to provide a speaker comparison and you latch onto 2 words mentioning the cables in their system? If it said "Blue Jeans" or "no name cables" would it have changed anything about their subjective review...
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    Ascend Sierra-1 V2 Speaker Review

    @amirm The price edit is still off. The Sierra-1 V2 is usually $998 (on sale for $948). The $1648 price listed is for a completely different speaker in the Ascend lineup.
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    GGNTKT Model M1

    Probably worth a separate thread so this one doesn't get too derailed
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    Tower speaker upgrade advice (Vandersteen 2Ci)

    Congrats on the purchase! Did you wind up comparing them to the F208 at all?
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    Need help. Ears hurting after upgrade.

    What microphone are you using for your measurements?
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    Assistance on REW measurements

    Are you triggering your subs with the "Auto On" feature? I've run into a similar issue when spending time setting things up caused the subs to go to sleep and they don't trigger on before the sweep. If so, just manually set them to "On" or run 2 sweeps back to back and discard the first measurement.
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    End Game Speakers - The Quest Continues

    I'm sorry, but this is a completely illogical interpretation of my comment. I'm literally wishing for the opposite. My interest is the source of the criticism.
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    End Game Speakers - The Quest Continues

    Nearly 8 months since the last thread was closed and there's still no practical feedback in 15 pages worth of comments here. It's a lot of rehashing old recommendations and dangling info about "upcoming" D&D speakers over other forum users. This is neither subjective nor objective, it's just...
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    HT / 2.1 ideal setup

    Fwiw I also own Ascend speakers, specifically the V1 towers, and I'd never not recommend them, but for a 29' x 42' listening space, the Revel towers might be a better option than Ascend bookshelves.
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    HT / 2.1 ideal setup

    The power difference won't be noticeable, especially crossing over to subwoofers. There's plenty of discussion regarding their measurements already. You'll need to make that price/performance decision yourself based on budget.
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    HT / 2.1 ideal setup

    The F206 is a great speaker. And suffice how? In terms of power I don't think you'll notice a difference. Pick one based on the features you need and budget for the Dirac upgrades. Add a couple of decent subs and be done. If you really need more power, something like a Hypex NCx500 is easy to...
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    HT / 2.1 ideal setup

    Skip any additional upstream components. The 3800 is fine for both use cases. Put that money towards a second subwoofer and/or better speakers.
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    Don't buy banana plug from this site

    I swapped out some spades for something similar and haven't had any issues. Maybe you got some junk but I don't think it's a problem with this style of connector.
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    Cat resistant speakers

    The Wharfedale Linton is designed to be used with the grill on
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    SEAS KingRo4y MK3 Kit

    Thanks everyone for the replies. I didn't anticipate it would start any sort of argument. I suppose my question might have been a bit naive. It seems like some of discussion has been confused by some comparing the PR to a second driver in a sealed enclosure while some are focusing on a PR vs...
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    SEAS KingRo4y MK3 Kit

    Can anyone help me understand the tradeoffs between using a second L26RO4Y versus adding the SL26R passive radiator as suggested on the Madisound site?
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    47Hz room mode woes...

    What microphone are you using?
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