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  1. Zog

    Best Music for Equipment Reviews and Listening Pleasure

    My method is to use quality recordings of strings. Cello, Violin and Piano especially. Timbral accuracy is important to me and strings are the most difficult to reproduce accurately.
  2. Zog

    how does one achieve such excellent sound quality on youtube?

    My take: Andrew Robinson: Well worth a look Darko: No insight Cheapaudioman: OK but content not for me Hans Beekhuyzen: Ok but no content for me SteveGuttenberg: Has the enthusiasm but needs to improve his shirts - worth a look GR: Self advertising.
  3. Zog

    Most cringeworthy Movie Cliche.

    Then don't go for a massage in Shanghai
  4. Zog

    Windows 11 Help

    There are different versions of Monopoly. Yet one company has a ...
  5. Zog

    I like my quiet stereo

    Nice to hear - or should I say read! Two points - one bad and one good. Some music just has to be played loud - think Le Sacre by Stravinsky for example. The more important point is Subwoofers. I too have neighbour issues and cannot enjoy music if I think I am disturbing someone. But with...
  6. Zog

    Magico A3

    I've had mine for a few years now. They looked better in the flesh rather than in the photos where they appeared somewhat industrial. My only gripe: bass. The numbers say they go low but in practice they benefit from a sub. I got the REL G2 - NB also a sealed box, also similar cone material...
  7. Zog

    Turntables - help me understand the appeal?

    A couple of examples. Sibelius Violin Concerto on RCA (Eugene Ormandy, conducting the Philadelphia Orchestra with Dylana Jensen as soloist. This is the premium version of this work in my collection - I have about twenty! Alas the transfer to CD is just dreadful. On the other hand Cold Fact...
  8. Zog

    $30K Budget - On the quest for my "end game" speaker

    If you are looking for timbral accuracy then audition magicos. I will never go back to ported speakers. Not particularly fussy in setup, but they do like a lot of power.
  9. Zog

    Are you satisfied with your home Audio System?

    I am happy with my kit. But the question was not 'happy' but 'satisfied'. I am afflicted with Audiophilia Nervosa and so, alas, will never be satisfied. I am told there are cures such as an inheritance; but that is a pipe dream as I have no wealthy aunts or uncles who will pop their clogs let...
  10. Zog

    I have now seen it alll ... my live is complete.. I can happily leave this mortal coil

    I am sure they could fly under their own power to Amir for testing.
  11. Zog

    Who would buy a speaker without listening to it?

    Your first 'argument' (I use debating terminology), was a Straw Man. Your next 'argument' is an ad hominem. Disappointing. It behooves you to address the issue. Justify your criticism man!
  12. Zog

    Who would buy a speaker without listening to it?

    Oh dear. Yeah that's right, he changed the room so that the dimensions matched mine :facepalm: I already told you the electronics were similar. Why are you asking again?
  13. Zog

    Who would buy a speaker without listening to it?

    We know the room is important, but so what? The point is to reduce the variables. And why would you laugh at him? that seems antisocial.
  14. Zog

    Who would buy a speaker without listening to it?

    My dealer asked about my amp and source and ensured that the demo had as close a match as possible. I bought the speakers (Magico A3) and have not looked back. One of the things that helped is that the speakers looked so much better in the flesh than in the advertising.
  15. Zog

    DSD to PCM Conversion

    You have obviously mixed up being informative with being insulting. What is wrong with you man?
  16. Zog

    DSD to PCM Conversion

    That's another point. What is the best sample rate? My tweeters are rated to 50Khz (Magico A3). I have been going to 24 88. But 24 48 could be a good option too. Is it a concern that 48Khz is not directly divisible into 88Khz? I should have mentioned that my DAC (Matrix Audio X-Sabre Pro)...
  17. Zog

    DSD to PCM Conversion

    I have a lot of DSD files. I have converted some of them to PCM using Foobar2000. I have two questions I hope you guys can chip in with. The first: Is there any sonic benefit to doing this? Second, is there any other software that does this? (I am not interested in the space saving from a...
  18. Zog

    How do I get better at hearing?

    One of the things you can try is some Vivaldi concertos, or Bach Brandenburgs. Anything really, so long as it has few different 'voices'. Brahms clarinet trio would be another goodie. Then set yourself up exactly between your speakers and with no light or low light. (Or close your eyes). In...
  19. Zog

    Finally, music we can buy in 768 khz sampling rates.

    Where there is smoke, there is a pyre.
  20. Zog

    Marantz SA-10 Review (SACD Player & DAC)

    They are not irrelevant. Many people play SACDs.
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