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  1. Middle Earth

    Technics SU-GX70

    I have one on the way Reviving this thread
  2. Middle Earth

    Help Shape Our Next Innovation: The ZA5 Balanced Power Amplifier!

    Purifi More than $300 but worth it A pre-out and a sub out If you can do it for “Around $300” That would be quite an achievement
  3. Middle Earth

    I'm looking for a DAC with warm sound

    Using a single-ended tube headphone amp will introduce the distortion/second order harmonics that many people like and enjoy. I use one that is also a preamplifier and the sound is pleasing to me depending on the music genre. I also have a solid-state headphone amplifier/preamplifier that...
  4. Middle Earth

    Proper Metal music (no pony tails or choral crap)

    It really is AOTY material I highly recommend this exquisite Finnish Black Metal The second half gets very energetic but as a whole AOTY level
  5. Middle Earth

    Streamer recommendation (not WiiM Pro)

    The Mercury 3 streamer is worth a look You can see reviews of the Mercury 2 I have no doubt the Mercury 3 will improve on the impressive performance
  6. Middle Earth

    Does my ideal DAC exist?

    Wiim amp Integrated Amp/AVR for room correction would be less $$$ than a preamp that does everything you want Not saying this, but something like this The AVRs do everything for the least $$$
  7. Middle Earth

    Legal fund for Reviewers/Erin?

    Clients who churn through attorneys are to be avoided In my experience. In this matter, Erin should avoid contact and have an attorney do 100% of the communication. I expect the matter to go away once he gets an attorney involved.
  8. Middle Earth

    Legal fund for Reviewers/Erin?

    Sorry to see this happen to Erin. I watched the review and did not think it would lead to this. I think paying an attorney to deal with this would help Erin a lot mentally. I have litigated a few thousand cases and just getting an attorney involved will probably stop this matter from ending up...
  9. Middle Earth

    Best Speaker Value

    You need something with a high sensitivity Not sure how 30 watts (RMS ?) would work with the OLAs If you are close to them it should work Only one way to find out
  10. Middle Earth

    All-including kit for DIY bookshelf speakers?

    The Morel is a two way dome tweeter mid which is enclosed so it is isolated in the cabinet. So, it is by definition a three-way speaker There is a discrepancy in the cross-over build quality Does not mean the Madisound performance is superior Here are the Madisound performance graphs Pretty...
  11. Middle Earth

    All-including kit for DIY bookshelf speakers?

    I built this and ordered the cabinets/flat-pack It has an excellent quality and performance level The rest of my DIYs I built my own cabinets I doubt I will ever order another cabinet/flatpack I am into performance and quality and not asthetics...
  12. Middle Earth

    All-including kit for DIY bookshelf speakers?

    Speaker are marked up obviously but if sold though a dealer/retailer the mark up is crazy. You can build a fantastic speaker and save a bundle CSS is one of the best examples
  13. Middle Earth

    Proper Metal music (no pony tails or choral crap)

    Had these two on pre-order and were released on Friday Been in constant rotation Two AOTY level albums
  14. Middle Earth

    The Waxwing Thread

    It is sublime in its design and simplicity
  15. Middle Earth

    The Waxwing Thread

    You should check out the Facebook page You can just comment randomly but can get a comment in on the posts Lot of good info there especially on updates
  16. Middle Earth

    WiiM Ultra

    Feb 29, 2024 #823 “Hi, we've decided to lock this thread until we're ready to provide further information about WiiM Ultra. Please ensure that discussions in the forum remain productive and enjoyable for all participants. Thank you, WiiM Team” I am going to wait and see Was going to get the...
  17. Middle Earth

    The Waxwing Thread

    Excellent Hopefully there will be enough adopters to make this a significant Waxwing resource group.
  18. Middle Earth

    The Waxwing Thread

    That is my impression as well Impressive
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