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  1. Sequitur

    Good article in the NewYork Times about Dolby Atmos

    Here's another good take on Atmos from an engineer's perspective. We have a 5.1 system we like for the TV. But I like quality wired headphones plugged into the receiver even better, as everything is so clear, especially dialogue. We are never, ever going more than 5 speakers + sub in any...
  2. Sequitur

    Amp+DAC for HD800s? Are they really that differnet?

    Thanks for both answers. Hearing is good; right now the HD800 are plenty loud with just the Dragonfly. No desire for EQ, simply want to plug and play.
  3. Sequitur

    Amp+DAC for HD800s? Are they really that differnet?

    Bumping this because I have a similar question. Like the original poster, I have the Sen HD800. I'm using a USB Dragonfly Red and a Mac desktop for streaming and digital audio. The HD800 sound great. But do I need, or would it really help if I had, a more powerful amp for the HD800, over and...
  4. Sequitur

    Extreme Snake Oil

    This discussion thread is incredible. Didn't realize just how deep this rabbit hole goes. Very helpful, thank you. It seems once you start looking beyond digital streaming on a computer, and look to get nicer equipment, the claims -- and prices -- start to shoot up very quickly. I have more...
  5. Sequitur

    I wonder how most people listen to music these days

    All digital, all streaming. Outside is bluetooth over-the-ear-headphones connected to iPhone. Movies, TV connected to 5.1 system + headphones. Office is desktop Mac + wired headphones + usb Dragonfly. Zero physical media (no turntable, no records, no CDs, no cassettes, zero), never buying it.
  6. Sequitur

    Extreme Snake Oil

    Not sure where to put this, hope this section is o.k. Anyway, was researching some reasonably-priced digital audio equipment than can play DSD and FLAC files, as I like the sound of them. I happened upon this recent review: Dreaming With a Stealth Audio Cables Power Cord. First thing is the...
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