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  1. Longshan

    Motu M2 Review (Audio Interface)

    That's a scientific question, to which I could only offer speculation.
  2. Longshan

    Motu M2 Review (Audio Interface)

    Yes, the M2 should be able to just fine.
  3. Longshan

    Electric toothbrushes MAJOR CAVEAT: Most people use their electric toothbrushes like manual ones, and ∴ apply too much pressure. Don't do that, unless you hate having enamel covering your teeth.
  4. Longshan

    Why Doubt Is Essential to Science - Sci. Am.

    So Amir, you must be a PhD. in the philosophy of science. You can certainly doubt something without being an expert in the field. You may be more likely to pull a Dunning-Kruger, so to doubt or not to doubt isn't a binary situation. I am not an expert on the violin, but if a violinist told me...
  5. Longshan

    Killing the Blues: fun with blue LED phosphors

    I have no idea. The monitors are Kalis. I'm afraid to take them apart, but maybe I'll bring them with me next time I visit my parents and see if my dad can figure it out. My studio has a red light theme going on, which is nice in low-light environments, so it would be a great mod. Thanks for...
  6. Longshan

    Killing the Blues: fun with blue LED phosphors

    My monitors have a blue LED that turns red if there is distortion. I'd love to figure out how to reverse the lights so red is the default.
  7. Longshan

    Have you achieve a listening system that reach that mix engineer, master engineer or producer intended production quality?

    On the extremely rare chance that no one has yet said this, music is mixed, mastered, and produced in such a way that it will sound 'decent' on any equipment, because music gets played on all kinds of equipment. So it's a bit of a meaningless question, I think.
  8. Longshan

    Sorry Amir but you are wrong

    Learned some new technical terms that I shall henceforth use when giving a scientifically accurate description of how electricity works: "Oompf." "Dude" "Whoah!"
  9. Longshan

    Audio Technica ATH-M50X Review (Closed Headphone)

    I agree with you. I have a pair, and the other thing I'd say is that their soundstage is extremely narrow for some reason. At the same time, they've been a good workhorse for me. They're great for tracking, and they've been reliable.
  10. Longshan

    Kali LP-6/LP-8 V2 (2nd Wave) studio monitors released

    Mine have been bullet-proof. Sorry to hear you're having trouble with them.
  11. Longshan

    Kali LP-6/LP-8 V2 (2nd Wave) studio monitors released

    I don't really agree with your interpretation though. There's nothing wrong with the monitors, and mine sound fantastic.
  12. Longshan

    Flags are ok... But are there any haircut restrictions?

    The DPRK doesn't have haircut restrictions.
  13. Longshan

    Battle Of Budget XLR Cables

    Haha, good one.
  14. Longshan

    Battle Of Budget XLR Cables

    Very nicely done, thank you for taking the time to do this for us.
  15. Longshan

    I found the problem with Hegel!

    Didn't Marx already fix Hegel by inverting his philosophy? Asking for a Comrade-er-I mean friend.
  16. Longshan

    Does an in-use microwave endanger adjacent electronics?

    No danger. Even if they leaked, you'd just get some interference.
  17. Longshan

    The New MBPs Are Bonkers. . .

    Night and day compared to my 2020 maxed out MBP. The fans don't even come on and it powers through music projects like they're nothing for it.
  18. Longshan

    Leaving a amplifier on..

    Ah yes,Schrödinger's amp. It goes up to 9.
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