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  1. Scrivs

    TANCHJIM Space Portable Headphone Adapter Review

    Anyone else’s brain ”see” Tanchjim Portable Space Heater” every time hey see the title of this thread?
  2. Scrivs

    Is the Galion TS A75 a good match for KEF’s R3 Meta?

    Also, TS-A75 sounds like a form you complete at the airport NOT consenting to the full-cavity search. Giving you a few clues dingre
  3. Scrivs

    Is the Galion TS A75 a good match for KEF’s R3 Meta?

    Jesus, I clicked on the”Giant Killer Galion TS A75 Power Amp” Link and knew it was going to be… Questionable. Is it just me, or does the Galion company logo appear to be the doppelgänger of a certain squash-buckling P.C parts (smps) company device? The thing I wasn’t able to scroll pass was...
  4. Scrivs

    New Wondom ADAU1701 DSP Unit

    Thank you brotha! I wasn't expecting such a quick response, thanks for taking the time, it was really kind of you:) It's acts like this, that make ASR what it is. I've learned more about practical electronics on this forum than I have in any formal setting. I've learned that keeping my mouth...
  5. Scrivs

    New Wondom ADAU1701 DSP Unit

    Anyone know where I can find the datasheet for the regulators referenced in post #42 on the Wondom unit marked "S55ND" (U203, U205, U206). I searched for an hour, with no joy. 3.3v LDO? More out of curiosity, and for continuing my self-edifiction/education irt circuit design, etc. Some of...
  6. Scrivs

    Krk rokit 5 gen 4 issues

    Did you end up resolving this? One of my RP7 G4 has also failed in this way. I troubleshot it down to an overheating LDO (U8, provides +12v stepped down from +19V).
  7. Scrivs

    Chord Hugo 2 Review (Portable DAC & HP Amp)

    While I would have omitted the provenance of the Hugo, my inner child grinned a bit every time the word “wankery” was uttered. Well deserved in most cases. Isn’t that what ASR is partly about- exposing exploitative practice, misrepresentation, snake oil, etc? Dave comes across sincerely...
  8. Scrivs

    Fosi Audio BT30D Pro review

    You hit the nail on the head about the buck converter being the limiting factor irt maximum voltage. I’ve tested mine up to 38v with no discrepancies (or audible difference) noted. Also, for those worried about high passing the mains— simply adjust the bass potentiometer to taste...
  9. Scrivs

    Any have an info on the Definitive Technology W Amp?

    Had one of these (4 years ago, acquired on the cheap). Didn’t care for any of it- the sound, DT app, Play-Fi, and overall buggy execution of the whole thing. It felt like a product that DT partially developed, then threw in the towel and said fuggit, plenty other cash-cows on the shelf at...
  10. Scrivs

    System upgrade (PMA 720AE, Yamaha NS-B330)

    I just picked up two (brand new) Sabaj A5 for $212 USD (Amazon). As they come, they’re set in stereo mode (SE)- 40 or so Watts at 4 ohms per channel. Gain’s a bit too high, but otherwise they sound great. I’ve converted both modules into btl “mode” (desoldered/resoldered one jumper achieves...
  11. Scrivs

    Topping D50 III Balanced DAC with EQ Review

    One other thing— my SU-9, Topping E30, and Modi 3 while sounding fine don’t exude the physical quality, and excellent engineering choices that my ADI-2 DAC represents. Only quibble is the menu system. That too has been addressed by the Remote app. Rad.
  12. Scrivs

    Topping D50 III Balanced DAC with EQ Review

    Call me a fanboy, but I value a well-engineered device which includes consistent, useful, reliable firmware that is indefinitely iterated, and utility maximized. The ADI Remote software is one such example. They didn’t HAVE to expend the resources on something that the end user receives...
  13. Scrivs

    ICEPower 125ASX2 Class D Amplifier Review

    I realize I'm a bit late to the party, but the "enable" pin (P102, pin2) must be connected to power the board. Hope you're enjoying it, pretty rad modules (harvested mine out of a $60 Vocopro FA-500).
  14. Scrivs

    Poll for SMSL ES9039 DAC Owners

    The name SU-X should have been a dead giveaway :cool::)
  15. Scrivs

    Chapeau ou non? (PCM5102MK non-HAT DAC review)

    Thank you so much for generous the sharing of your knowledge, and most importantly- time! Read the entire post, which, in turn, has motivated me to dust off my dusty old RPI 4, and various chapeaus! Thank you brotha, rad!!
  16. Scrivs

    Sabaj a20a 2022 inside

    Thanks dude, always appreciate a good amplifier gut-shot
  17. Scrivs

    "Micro Bamboo Project" : 3E Audio 260-2-29A Stereo amplifier + Micro-Audio PSU

    @daniboun Nice project. Well thought out and executed. I appreciate all of your positive contributions to the forum. I also admire your unrelenting passion for the topic/hobby. Bravo!
  18. Scrivs

    Aiyima A07/ A07 Max OP Amps The Same?

    Uh huh. the "real" Perun probably has a different, empirically backed, Powerpoint stance on this:cool:
  19. Scrivs

    Akitika GT-108 Stereo Amplifier Kit Review

    Daniboun, I applaud you for your ongoing/unrelenting enthusiasm, and unbridled passion you bring to the forums. You remind me of Maty’s more well-behaved big brother. That is all. *Apologies for the unsolicited, random O.T. Need to give credit where it’s due
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