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  1. itisljar

    Genelec 1031A Measurements & Review

    Oh, I am so sorry, I didn't want to steal credits, will change that. Getting older brings some unexpected perks, I guess :)
  2. itisljar

    Genelec 1031A Measurements & Review

    Hello all! I'm a long time lurker, I do have an account, but not posting much. I'd like to share my experience, I have these at home as main system speakers. I got them as a gift many years ago, and they are connected to some unknown brand small preamp, I guess from late 70's or early 80's...
  3. itisljar

    What music servers do members use

    I have hand-built J1900 based PC in small case which houses few HDDs, with Kodibuntu (that's Ubuntu 14, IIRC) and latest Kodi. It serves as media player, with onboard audio as primary output. Folders are shared as read-only for mobile devices playback.
  4. itisljar

    Introductions anyone?

    Hello! IT guy who (I think even more than) 15 yrs ago got bored with Winamp's inability to play gapless and found foobar2000. Around that time found HA for solving my FB2k problems, and learned more about lossy and lossless audio in a month than ever before. Since then, got fed up with my...
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