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    Denon AVR X-3800H pre outs

    If I buy the Denon AVR X 3800H can I use it for my home theater 7.1 and then pre out to my old Sony AVR SN 1030 to drive just music to my built in ceiling and outdoor speakers from my 4K Apple TV? Or, do I need to buy another multi channel amp to hook in my speakers. I am trying to get whole...
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    Marantz CINEMA 70s AVR - Teardown, personal thoughts and a few measurements

    To all, I am considering the MARANTZ 70s to replace my Sony SN 1030 AVR. I very much appreciate this forum although a lot is way over my head. My situation is this. My home was previously hard wired with ceiling speakers in the bedroom, living room, lanai (Klipsch outside) and 2 sets in the...
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