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    Why can't this be easier?

    Interesting. Will that function with REW, or is there another software package for the task in question here?
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    Why can't this be easier?

    I like your idea. The basic apparatus would probably need to be similar in design to the Klippel NFS, but reconfigured to rotate the microphone around your listening position while analyzing the test tones from your speakers in their normal locations.
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    HIGH END Munich 2024

    Exhibitions of new technology and products showcase the ideas and ambitions of hard-working people. It is always interesting to see new things. Kudos to the inventors and builders.
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    Anyone get pics of the Aurora last night?

    From my dark backyard at 37 deg. N. it looked like a large expanse of pink haze at 1 AM. After 20 minutes it transitioned to green/blue/gray haze. Sky overhead was not clear, so my view to the north was probably not clear either.
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    Mini-review Ascend ELX Ribbon Tower …

    Congrats on your new Ascend loudspeakers. Glad to read that you are happy with them. Thanks for sharing your thoughts about the speakers.
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    Audio Note speakers

    They look nice and probably sound okay. Some people spend lots more money on "art" that just hangs or sits in their house, doing nothing else.
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    120 hz hum-- not from my audio gear but from my house-- what to do about it?

    @Andolink , Because of this thread, I have been noticing the 120 Hz hum in several buildings. If and when I have accessibility to the source of the vibration, have found it is the fan motor (60 Hz, USA) for a ventilation system.
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    AI generated music
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    Klipsch Heresy IV Speaker Review

    The Klipsch factory has an anechoic chamber.
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    Comparing amplifier THD+N in active speaker

    Reliability is a very desirable feature.
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    Yamaha WXC-50

    Oh, okay, I didn't catch that detail from your first post. I don't have a WXC-50, but I would like to think the AUX IN would provide gain through the volume control and PRE-OUTS. Hopefully, someone with hands on experience can give you a definite answer.
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    Yamaha WXC-50

    You are going to need a phono pre-amp or else an integrated amp or receiver with a phono input.
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    Deep and narrow frequency null around 90hz - shall I be concerned?

    Your condition is very common, just because walls create standing waves. As mentioned above, try to re-position your speakers and/or the listening position, if possible. Next step would be some room acoustic treatment. EQ compensation will cause your system to use more amplifier watts and make...
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    Genelec Home Theater on Digital

    Interesting information on this thread, considering the trend for many homes to use the smart TV as the music source/streaming device.
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    New Magico M7 speakers

    The Sphere is a clever design.
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    Most beautiful speakers in the world ?

    These were mentioned earlier in this thread, but after watching a B&W factory tour and speaker assembly video, the 801 D4 Signature is more attractive to me than before. Yes it is overpriced, as are many of the interesting speakers in this thread, but still it is one more fascinating example...
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    Dutch & Dutch 8c Review

    Good idea to make your elevator platform without sides, so that nothing will obstruct the cardioid pattern of your speakers. Sounds like a fun project.
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