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    What are the highest rated ANC IEM's on the market ?

    Surprisingly this has quite a lot of variation to the Rtings measurements seen here:
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    New Sony MDR-MV1 - Professional Open Back Headphones

    I really don't understand the complaint of the "cheap plastic" whilst also praising it's low weight and comfort. Outside of going the carbon fiber route( which isn't attainable at this price point), plastics are the best to cater for weight.
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    What actually makes for a competitive gaming headphone? Imaging? Passive soundstage?

    I find somewhat conflicting results as going by Rtings measurements there are a few headphones that come very close to the HD800S. However from personal experience the HD800S and HD599( Fresh Reviews rates the HD560S equally highly) stand far above some of the other headphones I've used(Arya...
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    FiiO FD5 Review (IEM)

    I bought these after read the review, they are enjoyable for music but I find the bass way too heavy for gaming and makes explosions way too pronounced and hard to discern footsteps. Any recommendations on EQ that might help with this?
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    Shenzhenaudio Topping EX5 Review (DAC and Headphone Amplifier)

    If you're looking for a solution for this might I suggest bluesound products such as the Node 2i, or anything else that runs BluOS
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