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    Fidelio AW9000/10 parametric equalizer with Wiim pro plus

    update the firmware and you will get a equalizer in the Wiim
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    Music Assistant: an open-source alternative to Roon/LMS

    Music Assistant looks like a terrible organizer so far. For example, under artist albums it shows every album that has a track to which that musician is credited. I'm somewhat OK with that problem, as I want MA for zones and tight integration with Home Assistant. But are there music...
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    Stereo amplifier suggestions

    I suggest you buy one of the Buckeye Audio two channel which will be roughly in the range of $600-$1000. That will scratch you itch for a new amp and be indistinguishable from a new $2000 amp. I like the combo of lower powered AVRs with an external amp for the front. A second sub will likely...
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    Minidsp SHD Review Updated (DSP, DAC & Streamer)

    True, but it's an expensive item to not use as intended (Dirac, subs). My only issue has been getting it to switch endpoint types between DNLA, Tidal connect and Airplay. It doesn't seem to follow the rule that any new pairing grabs the device from what was previously playing. Anyone have a...
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    Do measurements bring satisfaction?

    No one with 22,000 posts can hear above 16K :)
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    Music Assistant: an open-source alternative to Roon/LMS

    Genre comes from curation, which Music Assistant does have. I feel that genre on Tidal is good. I don't see Music Assistant as a discovery platform. I think you bring albums and playlist to it. For me it replaces Roon's technical capabilities, not the small about of new music exposure Roon...
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    WiiM Pro Plus Streamer Review

    A $25 Broadlink RM4 mini will send infrared signals from something like Home Assistant to the RME to control volume.. I use the broadlink to automate switching on the ET30 Neohipo that Amir made me buy. I also use Home Assistant to implement multizone volume changes in Roon.
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    Music Assistant: an open-source alternative to Roon/LMS

    I'm in the process of moving from Roon to Music Assistant. MA is impressive, but definitely beta. I would not recommend it at this point except for Home Assistant users. I successfully stream Tidal and Qobuz through the house. I have a couple minDSP and a couple Wiim. I've been able to switch...
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    WiiM Pro Plus Streamer Review

    I don't believe that balanced will ever happen in their price range. I wish everything had balanced. Love the Wiims.
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    WiiM Pro Plus Streamer Review

    So no vlans? Is mDNS and possibly other multicast/discovery protocols enabled on your router? Firewall rules?
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    Minidsp SHD Review Updated (DSP, DAC & Streamer)

    How does my SHD have airplay? I use it through the LAN connection, but it does have a USB connection to a mac mini. Did miniDSP ad airplay, or is the Mac providing it? I recently started using DNLA for the first time as I'm moving from Roon to Music Assistant on Home Assistant. But I sometimes...
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    Important: Another Wave of Account Hacks

    Why would you want to know your passwords? Length doesn't matter when using a password manager. If you are reusing passwords you will eventually get hacked. I can find my old reused passwords from 10-15 years ago on "the dark web". Apple's Hide My Email is great. Only my financial institutions...
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    Important: Another Wave of Account Hacks

    I doubt any cloud password service keeps passwords. They keep an encrypted filed to which they don't have the key.
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    The great Idle Power Consumption thread

    Why aren't you guys with high idle consumption using automation to turn it off? I do spend more on automation to save electricity than the cost saving in electricity, but it's a good hobby. I have low power prices (Chicago has been substantially nuclear powered for many decades). I use the...
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    NEOHIPO ET30 VU Meter Speaker Switcher Review

    Are there IR codes listed for this device? I didn't keep the manual
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    Dirac Reviews
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    Need recommendation of class D amp for Dali Spector 1 speakers

    In-ceiling Polk speaker in the kitchen. I have a Wiim Pro Plus in front of the Fosi. I have the 32V power supply. You would probably want the 48V. I suggest simply shopping price and features from the green section of Amirm's list. I assume the Fosi is near the top for price/performance.
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    Fosi Audio ZA3 Amplifier Review

    It also sounded like crap compared to high end gear of that day. Sometimes I wish we could still buy noticeably better sound from expensive amps.
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    Need recommendation of class D amp for Dali Spector 1 speakers

    I'm using the Fosi Audio ZA3 on a small system. I would bet money that you could not hear the difference between the Fosi and the Topping
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    KEF R3 Meta - Review & Measurements by Erin

    I don't know if sibilants is placement depedent. I hear it sitting in the ideal position with the speakers square to the room (10-15 degrees off access?). But I don't hear it often, and I only hear it when the mic is obviously near clipping. It's just like hearing sibilants in a live performance...
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