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    Monoprice HTP-1 Home Theater Processor Review

    agreed with both previous posters. Really easy fix to an issue that was reviewers mistake. Someone should photoshop a head on the panther.
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    Monoprice HTP-1 Home Theater Processor Review

    The only way to “delete” them is to write over them. They can’t be deleted
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    Monolith HTP-1 AV Processor Measurements (June 2023 Firmware + User Testing)

    The HTP-1 has had DLBC for a few years now. Waiting on ART which is said the be later this year, we shall see.
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    PS Audio FR20 speakers - First impressions

    Nice, well congrats on the new speakers. I’d love to hear these or the FR30’s!
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    Good-looking wifi speaker this looks pretty grand
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    Multi-Sub Optimizer (MSO): Lessons Learned, Tips & Tricks

    1 is correct mic in and 90 degree cal file 2 both are correct. You could do 3- however Many measurments you like. But beyond you listening positions it gets somewhat pointless.
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    Lyngdorf MP-60 2.1

    I’m in the neighborhood for a new processor and this is on my list. Can anyone answer if the MP60 downsamples 96/192Khz To 48khz if Roomperfect is enabled?
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    Russian Invasion of Ukraine

    Russians need to overthrow Putin, the Russian people can’t be this gullible can they?
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