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    Lyngdorf MP-40 2.1 AV Processor Review

    It would be interesting to compare this to the McIntosh MX180, which is basically the same hardware. Is there a reason why we haven't we seen a single McIntosh (home) component tested? Has no one ever offered to send you one? Or is there some conflict of interest?
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    Chapeau ou non? (PCM5102MK non-HAT DAC review)

    Thanks for the effort. I voted "non" but if it had reached 95+ SINAD @ 1.0v or more it would have been "chapeau" for sure.
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    What is the worst speaker you've ever heard?

    Klipsch has only ever made one really good sounding speaker line. It was called Palladium. Those were really good. The Klipschorn is also ok as is the RF-7, but the rest is pretty much trash. Surprised to hear Revel. They are always ugly to look at, but (to me at least) they tend to be...
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    Tice Power Conductor 2 Vintage AC Cable Review

    As someone who lived in Jupiter and actually met George Tice while he was in business (30-ish years ago), it is interesting to see this and SUPREMELY disappointing to learn that there is literally NOTHING of redeeming quality in either of these two reviews. This is the epitome of snake oil...
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    Sonance DSP 2-150 Amplifier Review

    The other models in the line have fans and the grilles serve as inlets. This is just the same industrial design aesthetic, but no fans on this one.
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    Sonance DSP 2-150 Amplifier Review

    Maybe update the headline of the thread then?
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    Sonance DSP 2-150 Amplifier Review

    They do NOT look the same. I believe @amirm has been given a 2nd amp and told it was a MKII when in fact it is a MKI. See attached pictures for an actual MKII (courtesy of eBay).
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    Sonance DSP 2-150 Amplifier Review

    The MKI amps all had issues. Sonance replaced a lot of them for free with MKIIs within the first few years, but they don't do that any more. The MKIs will periodically play a fun helicopter sound at high volume even if the system is off. MKIIs appear to be trouble-free.
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    Sonance DSP 2-150 Amplifier Review

    Pretty sure this is NOT a MKII as the MKII units are clearly labeled as such on the front and back. Also the home page of the GUI lists the model # and firmware version. Does it say MKII on the GUI?
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    Kenwood L-05M Vintage Amplifier Review

    From those images you can see why there is so much PS noise. Long signal path that crosses the PS twice. I'll bet you could resto-mod this to improve that with some better shielding while staying true to the original circuitry.
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    Grimani Systems Rixos-L Review (Active DSP Speaker)

    No, about $100k-$200k to watch movies if you are using these speakers (and the comparable electronics). Some people want to really feel like they are on the shores of Normandy when watching Saving Private Ryan.
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    Grimani Systems Rixos-L Review (Active DSP Speaker)

    Vertical directivity IS OPTIMAL bc it is optimized for a 10* downward angle. This is not a stereo speaker designed for the middle of your living room. It is an inwall speaker designed to be a little higher up on the front wall behind a perforated projection screen or on a side wall, also above...
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    Marantz SACD 30n Measurements (SACD Player, DAC & Streamer)

    LOL, great review, thanks. I have to ask though, were these pictures taken at a christmas-themed discotheque?
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    Recoton RCA Cable Review (Ultra Cheap Cable)

    Would love to see a crosstalk test with these. And maybe an "exaggerated" test with 6' or 10' long cables.
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    Battle of RCA Cables: Mogami, Amazon, Monoprice

    I would be interested to see a crosstalk test to show if any of the cables are better at isolating noise or induced voltage from the audio signal on the neighboring cable.
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    HSU HB-1 MK2 Review (Horn Speaker)

    Is it really so hard to attach the labels to the back of the speaker in a level fashion? That is a small attention to detail item that irks me.
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    RF Interference in Speaker Cables??? (video)

    It has been proven 1000 times over ... louder = better when being reviewed in blind tests. As such, every non-level-matched listening test is immediately invalidated in my opinion. Better than garbage? Yes. Good enough to use as a reference? Nope. I didn't say audiophiles were better or...
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    RF Interference in Speaker Cables??? (video)

    Yes I read it ... in 2018 and again a few days ago. I am sure you read it too. The question should be "did either of us understand it?" And if you are flying it's flag as a reference then I believe that perhaps you did not understand it, or at least didn’t see its flaws. Here is my take: 1. The...
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    RF Interference in Speaker Cables??? (video)

    I agree with you that it is old, but not that it is good. I am asking about empirical data, not opinions and guesses. Surely the spinarama can detect whether there is a significant difference between 24 gauge speaker cable and 12 gauge speaker cable, And possibly if there is a difference between...
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    RF Interference in Speaker Cables??? (video)

    @amirm Have you ever thought of trying to quantify if any aspects of speaker cable design DO make a difference? AWG? Capacitance? Inductance? Length? Twisted conductors vs parallel? Maybe measure the same speaker/amp combo multiple different ways with only the speaker cable changing?
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