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    Hearing and hearing aid recommendations

    I don’t believe PureSound has any form of dynamic expansion. Having said that, the audiologist can do lots of things and has much finer adjustments available than we users get with the app. Of course it might take 30 visits with an audiologist to get exactly what you want. I’ve chosen to keep...
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    Hearing and hearing aid recommendations

    Here’s a pic of the iPhone app showing Universal and PureSound modes - there are others if I scroll to the right. PureSound is the mode with the least DSP processing and lowest latency, which is why many folks prefer it for music listening. In the upper left of the screenshot you’ll see...
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    Hearing and hearing aid recommendations

    The 440 only has one button on it, which cycles through the modes installed by the audiologist. Because of this, I have to use the phone app, which has worked fine for me. Maybe I’ll give PureSound another shot now that I’ve had some time on the Universal setting (with some adjustments)...
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    The 67-year-old hearing test results! You need hearing aids.

    It’s definitely not great using a hearing aid for music - I’d rate it as tolerable. My hearing loss and tinnitus is related to noise exposure when younger. Played in loud bands and went to many loud concerts/clubs. Hearing protection? What’s that???
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    Hearing and hearing aid recommendations

    When you mentioned the “music” setting in the other thread, are you referencing the PureSound mode? Mine doesn’t show a specific music mode, although I’ve spent a lot of time experimenting with different EQ settings in the PureSound mode and finally bailed on it. Mine is a Widex Moment 440.
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    The 67-year-old hearing test results! You need hearing aids.

    I’d be curious what brand/model you’re wearing. I have tinnitus in left ear, as well as moderate hearing loss in that ear - my left ear hearing drops below normal starting at 750hz and continues a downward slope from there! I wear a Widex Moment in my left ear and have found the least bad...
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    Working too hard can give you a Heart Attack Ack Ack Ack Ack Ack... My Heart Attack Story.

    @BDWoody Incredibly important post for all of us. Spelling the entire process out is extremely valuable - I could hear myself in much of the thought process you went through. Hope your current recovery goes well and is uneventful. Best of luck with the future procedures.
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    Upgrade LM3886 to Neurochrome Modulus 686

    @tomchr is a member here or you could reach out to him directly [email protected]
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    Ascend Sierra-1 V2 Speaker Review

    I applaud Dave at Ascend for literally putting his money where his mouth is. These measurements are terrific for a speaker at this price point and set a very high bar for others. Based on Erin’s review, I actually ordered a pair for our TV room, which is a small, mixed use space (TV and music...
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    Are trainers (sneakers) like HiFi?

    +1 on both of these recommendations. Anytime I bought new trainers, I always went through a period of discomfort - like my feet had to get used to the new shoes. That all changed when I tried Hoka’s. They felt comfortable immediately and I was able to walk longer distances with no foot pain...
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    New Philharmonic BMR HT Towers

    More on AVSForum: BMR HT Tower Klippel Measurements
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    Best Passive loudspeaker designs!

    Definitely Philharmonic Audio
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    New Philharmonic HT Centers are Here!

    As a very happy BMR HT Tower owner, that approach is very much appreciated!
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    Finished A Neurochrome Modulus-86 Amplifier

    Nice build! Tom’s stuff is the real deal - enjoy the amp.
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    Who would buy a speaker without listening to it?

    I’ve bought and enjoyed a number of speakers without listening to them in advance (KEF LS50 Meta and LSX II, PSB Synchrony B600, Philharmonic Audio BMR HT Towers). I felt confident doing so due to objective measurements published on sites like ASR and Audioholics. Funny thing is, all of these...
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    Benchmark AHB2 Review (Updated Measurements)

    I don’t understand why some folks here care what someone else decides to pay for an amp??? There’s myriad reasons beyond ultimate performance that someone can choose a specific piece of gear. Unless someone is entering the discussion indicating they were duped or encountered false advertising...
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    My Neurochrome Modulus-686 Build

    I agree 100%. Tom has made it very clear he’s not competing in the “race-to-the-bottom” sweepstakes. His products combine his engineering talent, with parts sourced from legitimate vendors, manufactured to a very high standard. Admittedly, I’m biased in his favor as I’ve purchased 4 different...
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    OK, what are you guys buying yourselves for Christmas?

    Your use of bolding and a face palm emoji suggests you hold a rather demeaning view of people who don’t post links in this thread. I’d prefer a more constructive approach, but hey, that’s me.
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    OK, what are you guys buying yourselves for Christmas?

    Didn’t realize links was mandatory in this thread. For those it would hurt more to figure out what these items are: Neurochrome 686 Bernina 535
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