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    Mofi StudioPhono Stage Review

    Hi, How do you determine the fit to the RIAA curve? Do you use any reference curve to which you compare the frequency response from the phono preamp?
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    Little Bear MC3 XLR & RCA Switch Review

    Do you think the same situation occurs when converting RCA to XLR? I wanted to connect a phono preamp with unbalanced output to an active speaker with balanced input. The reason for the conversion is the length of the cable, as the speakers are quite far from the source and require 10m of cable.
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    Marantz CD6006 CD Player - Review/Measurements

    Hi, Here is my review of the Marantz CD6006 CD player. This series has been replaced by the CD6007 (which costs about $600). It is a standard CD player with analog, digital and telephone outputs. The manufacturer claims a dynamic range of 100 dB, which should meet the requirements for a...
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    Measured of RME Fireface UC - Does my RME work properly?

    As you said, the low level was related to the +4dBu setting. Thanks to you guys for pointing this out. Here is a measurement with different output settings. I reinstalled the RME drivers, which probably had a positive effect. Now the THD+N is around 0.0015% which is close to the specification...
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    Measured of RME Fireface UC - Does my RME work properly?

    Hi, here is my very first review, of the audio interface. The device under test was interface RME Fireface UC and measures were conducted on Audio Precision APx525 analyzer. Based on the results I started to worry that something may be wrong with the measured interface. Other RME product...
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    AIYIMA A08 Pro Amplifier Review

    Great review. I would like to ask about your RMS Level measurement. Why you always use a 5 watts output signal when measuring amplifiers? It is related to any standards, or it's just level which you choose to keep one measurement procedure for all amplifiers?
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