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    What is the deal with expensive HiFi racks?

    Chips with quartz crystals do react to pressure or temperature, so reducing vibrations might have some merit.
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    what is your source, what is feeding your preamp?
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    Probably, but you don't need to. If your volume is at 50%, you still have 50% to go. Yes, but you might not need to. It is shown in the measurements in the first post of this thread. Input sensitivity is the input voltage that will drive the amp to max power. For the Mission, this is 0,54V...
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    Loxjie A40 all in one amp 2024

    no yes (depending on what you mean by "good". I don't have experience with this, but I own the D40 pro which I have connected to a Raspberry-PI, this works flawlessly) no (there is no network connection) you can read more detailed specifications here...
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    Bandcamp offer 24 bit download - any idea why?

    If you want to support your favorite artist with a bit more money, you can. And in return you get some apparent extra value. After all, 24 bits does give you 48 dB more dynamic range .
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    Interpreting REW output from speakers System Audio, Dynaudio and Neumann

    I am new to room measurements, and I am not quite sure how to interpret this. I have compared 3 sets of speakers, positioned at approx the same place (all three are placed and not moved between measurements, so there is ca 20 cm between them): Red: Dynaudio Emit 20 Blue: System Audio SA510...
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    What features and specs do you want in a DAC?

    I have a very simple request: separate buttons for each input. Rotating through inputs with one button is both difficult to use, and impossible to program on a universal remote.
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    Best Passive loudspeaker designs!

    Also, a different set of compromises. Genelec, Neumann et al don't care much about looks or WAF.
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    Wifi Circuit Breaker: A terrible idea

    Like this?
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    Probably a dumb question

    No, you don't need a minidsp to get value from REW and a mic. You can achieve a lot by experimenting with moving speakers and furniture around and applying different sorts of damping to hard surfaces, using REW to assess the results.
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    Reliable DAC

    In theory, yes, there is no technical difficulty involved in reducing the digital signal from the optical output on the TV just as the operating system on your PC does. In practice, I think it depends on the TV.
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    Reliable DAC

    I agree, I must admit that I didn't read the review, I just looked for an option with a recommendation, under $150 and with volume control. I use the Loxjie D40pro which fit the functional and performance requirements (123dB SINAD, volume control, toslink), but at 3x the budget.
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    Reliable DAC

    I'm sorry, I am confused. I don't know JDS and google gave me "Atom Amp+", I did not realize there is also an "Atom Dac+"
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    Reliable DAC

    You need to be careful about the details: the TV might not let you control the volume of the optical output (this might be on full volume, regardless of the TV setting). The Modi or the SU-1 does not have volume control. JDS Labs Atom+ does not have digital input. The Fiio K5 pro is an option...
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    If you want the "tube-amp distortion", I am sure there exists software you can use to get the same effect. Try googling "dsp tube simulation".
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    NEOHIPO ET30 VU Meter Speaker Switcher Review

    There are devices designed for this use-case, where speaker A and B can be switched on or off independently. The caveat regarding impedance is still relevant, though. For example this:
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    First "Audiophile" DAC/Amp for LS50 Meta

    If the combination of USB and HDMI ARC is important, this is provided by the MiniDSP "HT"-series. However, there is also usb-to-s/pdif-adapters available which gives you more available options. (Depending on your computer, you might also have s/pdif toslink built in) (Edit: link to thread...
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    NEOHIPO ET30 VU Meter Speaker Switcher Review

    Putting my head forward for harsh critique here: I don't have the equipment or the experience of some other members, but I do have an ohm-meter. And this shows that the negative wire is also switched, there is no connection between the black binding posts, except the selected input and output...
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    Better speakers than 8030c?

    There are also active floorstanding speakers available, although a bit pricier than the 8030, for example: KEF LS60 Dynaudio focus 30 System audio legend 60.2 silverback
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