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    Physical stores neumann kh420 and Focal Trio11be ?

    Owners have reported problems with the mid and psu within the past two years when it was thought they had been resolved. Otherwise, the mid is excellent. Cracking noises on heating and cooling have been reported within the past year.
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    Physical stores neumann kh420 and Focal Trio11be ?

    You may want to be mindful of this that was posted on another thread: I understand there are ongoing issues with some units and there are also reports of very slow customer service, so if you do want to purchase the KH 420, it may be wise to buy...
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    Neumann KH420 Review (Studio Monitor)

    Would anyone know of the contact details to raise a complaint/escalate a situation to Sennheiser UK/Neumann? I'm unable to find customer services contact details, as such, on their websites.
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    What items have you purchased as a result of ASR?

    I've completely changed my audio equipment after coming across ASR around two years ago. Some items I've bought pre-review, but all purchases have been based on the knowledge within the reviews and tutorials, and of the community.
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    Which is the most reasonable audio interface for room correction (KH 150, MA 1)?

    With the MA1, I'm using this as the audio interface: It's USB powered and Mac compatible.
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    Examples of good usability in hi-fi equipment

    Software rather than equipment, but I've enjoyed using the LUMIN app for a number of years now... until the latest update.
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    Topping D70S fried my speakers...

    I used the Bel Canto Design DAC3 for a long time, around ten years. I'm now beginning to feel I should go back to it, or their pre-amp, on reading this thread because I had no such problems discussed here. It starts up in "soft mute" mode, and pauses at a certain volume level before ramping up...
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    New Genelec 8341a speakers too revealing?? Any other recording studio mishaps that made it through to commercial release?

    Does anyone hear a ringing/screeching sound at around 650 Hz on Don McLean's American Pie (ripped CD to AIFF) from around the line, "If the Bible tells you so", and which continues throughout the faster section?
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    Media player for Mac

    I'm also looking for a media player for local files stored on an M1 Mac, and currently looking at this list: Has anyone tried JRiver? When I first started looking into computer audio some years back, I took a look and it looked OKish. I...
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    Anything better then a Mac mini?

    I have copies of my music files stored on an M1 Mac, and have been thinking of setting up a standalone desktop system. Other than for JRiver, what other software options (preferably free :) ) would people recommend for organising and playing the files, outputting via USB into a DAC? Thanks!
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    Neumann KH150

    If so, it would be nice if that included retrofits.
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    Movie Soundtracks We Enjoy

    I can't see it listed in this thread, but Miyazaki's Mononokehime with music by Joe Hisaishi deserves a mention.
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    Topping DX7 Pro+ Review (DAC & HP Amp)

    Within these forums, I remember people commenting on the shallow angle of Topping's remote operation. Has that improved with the new design?
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    Any good CD player/transport around?

    I dug out my CD transport after many years recently to help decipher a problem I had, and found that its LED display had faded somewhat. The last time something went wrong with it, the distributor wanted to charge me £400 just to look at it. Needless to say, it would have been cheaper to buy a...
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    A good remote is hard to find...

    With the HPA4, I also find it a bit of a faff to scroll through the Line and HP outputs, and there's no functionality to go into the settings menu. The latest firmware update is an improvement, however, and you can now read the volume from a distance.
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    A good remote is hard to find...

    I'd like to see one designed specifically for the LA4/HPA4, not their DAC family.
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    Thanks for this. I still haven't managed to get around to doing anything yet, but hope to do so soon.
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    Thanks; this is the sort of help I'm looking for. I do have some UNIX knowledge from my work many years ago, and I am looking to learn something.
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    Thanks for the suggestions. RoPieeeXL has also been mentioned to me, but Upmpdci users would appear to be few.
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