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    Don't install the new Sonos App update

    I believe so, yes. I haven't don't anything specific to force any of the devices to connect any particular way, but pretty sure they all have their own individual connection back to the mesh WiFi system, either to the router or any one of various satellites.
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    Don't install the new Sonos App update

    I have a full Sonos Arc system in my master bedroom (i.e., soundbar + sub + Atmos / rears), two Moves set up as a stereo pair in my kitchen (also do double duty poolside since they're portable), and a Roam for travel. All of them wireless, and all series 2 (only started with these a couple...
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    Don't install the new Sonos App update

    I guess I'll be a contrarian ;) I LIKE the new app (certainly better than the old), and it works just fine for me. I certainly am not seeing any glitches or issues, and the app (and actions) are snappy and work well. Not sure why my experience is so different from everyone else's.
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    SOLD: Dan Clark Audio Expanse - $3,000, virtually unused

    Purchased October 2022, virtually unused because I find myself listening to my floorstanders almost exclusively. Will come with everything originally in the box, including the box ;) $3,000 and I'll pay shipping within the US. PM if you'd like to offer a different (still fair) price, or if...
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    Reviewers should have their hearing tested and post results

    As an opera singer all my life, it REALLY pains me to listen to others sing now. I'm OK with listening to pop or even Broadway (I don't expect their technique to be "classical"), but listening to almost ANY other opera-type singer just makes me so tense, as I hear EVERY flaw, can tell whether...
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    Simple listening test for audiophiles

    Interesting exercise - I can hear the differences, primarily because the voice moves from center-left to almost center (and back) when the changes happen. The sound also goes a tiny bit more "muffled" at the same time (i.e., less "transparent" sounding). Not going to list the exact moments...
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    Great "live performance" recordings? (any genre)

    Alison Kraus + Union Station Live Released on SACD and DVD some time back and still an incredible achievement, both in terms of recording and performance. One of my all-time favorites.
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    Legal fund for Reviewers/Erin?

    Wow. You're right: this is not debatable. You are wrong.
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    Roon Nucleus One

    I have not tried BluOS. I know one of the reasons Roon has always insisted on coordinating everything via the server is they believe the reliability of UPnP / DLNA is not sufficient to manage multiple endpoints, to keep them in-synch, etc. I have a "zone" set up in Roon that plays directly to...
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    Harman acquires Roon

    No, IF you're using scrolling to navigate your library, that's the way it works. However, I have a 12k album library, and I only ever use search to pull up albums - even on a fullscreen display (e.g., an iPad or MacBook screen), scrolling is WAY too inefficient. I also frequently Sort by...
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    Roon Nucleus One

    As long as they're both on the same network AND the streamer is supported (i.e., it supports RAAT input - i.e., is Roon-ready - or Chromecast OR AirPlay), sure. FWIW, my entire Roon ecosystem is wireless except for the "last mile" connection from my living Roon endpoint (in my case, a mini PC)...
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    Roon Nucleus One

    No. All streams go through the Roon server / core. It can then be distributed to endpoints with fairly sophisticated EQ, etc. (if desired), but the core MUST be up and running to use Roon at all.
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    Roon Nucleus One

    Interesting - I wasn't aware of this limitation. That said, my house is only 2,000sf - I would NEVER want to play different streams to different players at the same time - it would be cacophony! And since I live alone, I'd never even want to stream different music inside / outside; i.e., if...
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    Denon AVR-X4800H AVR Review

    Can you explain which of the multiple statements in the referenced post is "wrong"? I am also unaware of any TV currently produced that includes gig Ethernet. And since they obviously work with all the current streaming solutions, it's clear the 10 / 100 ports ARE sufficient for current...
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    First measurements with HouseCurve app

    If you don't have access to a room correction system (e.g., REW measurements + convolution in Roon, Audyssey / Dirac, etc., in a processor and / or receiver, etc.), positioning your subs properly is probably your best bet (and your first step even IF using RC). I'm no expert (my room really...
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    REW measurement of 2.1 system - would you EQ and where/how?

    Exactly - an actual measurement with no smoothing would look something like this. It almost looks like you don't actually have a microphone in use, but I don't think REW would let you measure without one LOL.
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    First measurements with HouseCurve app

    First, ignore the peak at 17k - you won't hear it. Second, focus on smoothing the response below 500 - THAT, you will hear. Once that's straightened out, you can look at the heightened response between 500-2k and the lowered response from 2k-5k. I leave that area alone (to me, that's kind of...
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    active speaker with room correction that works with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth

    My first thought is the current Sonos line, but only two of the speakers available would fit into your $250 budget: Sonos Era 100 - Sonos Move 2 - Both support TruePlay (Sonos' room correction approach) and WiFi...
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    HIFIMAN Susvara Headphone Review

    He wasn't TALKING about frequencies above 9 kHz - he was talking about the clear and present DISTORTION at ALL frequencies (esp. 200-300 Hz and 4-5 kHz), already visible at 94 dB, unacceptable at 114 dB, and clipping even 1 dB higher. I'm pretty sure everyone here knows about the unreliability...
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