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    Mechano23 Open-source DIY Speaker Review

    This is because of the use of a waveguided tweeter. It's most definitely not a marketing gimmick. Whether the diffraction peak/dip combo from a sharp corner is audible is another question...
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    Small 2-way speakers with linear on-axis and power response characteristics (Scan Speak and SB Acoustics drivers). H&V off-axis measurements included

    For the DIY first-timers, consider buying and assembling the Parts Express C-note kit and use Xmechanik's mechano22 crossover. Add a simple crossbrace and some damping to the cabinet while you're at it. I think you'd end up with a similarly impressive resulting project.
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    PS Audio sent Erin their speaker??!!

    It's possible, and could be a factor in explaining the perceived differences between bookshelf and tower speakers... but actually, the design that goes the farthest in eliminating this effect would be line array and line source type speakers.
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    PS Audio sent Erin their speaker??!!

    Don't think about it in terms of floor bounce "reduction" or "increase". That can only be done via absorption. What you're doing when you move the driver higher or lower is changing the frequency at which the first and strongest cancellation occurs. When you move the driver further from the...
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    PS Audio sent Erin their speaker??!!

    I am one of those viewers that largely ignores Erin's subjective commentary, but the reason is not any of the above technical ones. I just have completely different musical tastes from him, so the frame of reference is non-existent.
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    A VU Meter Amp/Speaker Selector Released by Fosi Audio

    Is there any facility for level matching? E.g. attenuator knobs on the back
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    B&W vs Estelon vs Magico - Recent Demo

    This was an easily predictable result, if you put any stock in what ASR is all about. Modern B&W (proudly) do not target a neutral frequency response. Your ear+brain can adapt or acclimate to the colouration over time, but it quickly falls apart in a direct A/B comparison against more neutral...
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    Dipole vs Box speakers

    The most obvious performance attribute of the dipole to me is the figure-8 radiation pattern with reduced interaction with the sidewalls. An interesting quirk that arises is that by placing the speaker the same distance to the front wall as the MLP to the back wall, you can "delete" reflected...
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    Sony SSCS3 $400 budget tower speaker review by Erin's Audio Corner

    Well that would actually work in the Sony's favour, because it's cheaper and it's already assembled and finished unlike the DIYSG kit. I saw that Erin caveat-ed his review in the comments section.. characterizing it as decent with EQ, if you have a means of dealing with the enclosure resonances...
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    Sony SSCS3 $400 budget tower speaker review by Erin's Audio Corner

    The overall trend of the FR is decent, and I've seen a couple speakers (usually designs based on PA drivers) get a pass from Erin for just as ragged looking FR. Here is an example:
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    woofer to tweeter crossover

    This not that far off the thought process of high-end audio speaker designers that "tune by ear". "I like what this driver is doing and I like what driver is doing.. let's just combine them and it'll be awesome!"
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    Parts Express DIY C-Note Speaker Review

    Ah sorry no build thread. I'm pretty novice at woodworking. Maybe you can oversize the front baffle a smidge? Sounds difficult to get perfect. I was thinking of veneering the whole box, but I had already routed out the driver holes so it was too late.
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    Parts Express DIY C-Note Speaker Review

    I think 3/4" mdf is on the verge of overkill for a small single 5" based speaker. I've built two pairs, one from the PE kit and one from scratch using mix of scrap 1/2" mdf+baltic birch plywood and parts from Solen. In both cases, I just added a single crossbrace, and I don't think the cabinets...
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    What does “musical” mean? Audiogon takes a stab

    It can mean anything to anyone being subjective, and so, of limited value. For me, the most useful (but still kind of audiophool) way of defining it is the spectrum of musical versus analytical. Musical means the system lets you just enjoy the music, whereas analytical systems make you pay...
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    Anthem AVM90 AV Processor Review

    Immersive audio formats like Atmos will make use of all those channels. Also, if you have more than a single row of seating, you would add more channels in order to get optimal coverage. Gaming systems, cable TV box, streaming device, blu-ray player, HTPC, etc. ... it adds up to a lot of...
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    Statement II vs Revel 328b

    I don't know of any good quality 3rd party measurements of the Statement II, so this is all speculation: - a draw in on-axis linearity and distortion - revel will have superior directivity control; statement will have a bit wider dispersion - different in-room character due to floor/ceiling...
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    Kef LS60 wireless review by ErinsAudioCorner

    Lack of PEQ is a big headscratcher. That's like the killer feature of a DSP/app control speaker.
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    Subjectivist’s rant debunked

    I think if the O/96 were put on the Klippel, it'd be very easy to see what their strengths were and what people find enjoyable about them. There's really no need to maintain this sense or perception that he is bringing some kind of subjective secret sauce to the table.
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    Sonus Faber Lumina II - Review & Measurements by Erin

    Well there you go, @MarcT ... the tower is waaay more balanced. I did a quick overlay... In absolute terms, the tweeter output of the lumina V is down 2 db. If we peg it relative to the scooped out midrange of the II (probably due to skimping on baffle step compensation to boost the sensitivity...
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