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    The wealth-building thread

    I wish the crypto thread was still around. BTC is up 115% on the 1yr chart. Dow is up 12%. But grandpa says its a beanie baby bubble. It deserves a place in most portfolios imo nfa.
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    Tekton M-Lore Speaker Review

    I have these speakers and they're dogshit - I said so 2 years ago on here. The DIY speakers I have are better. The commercial brand speakers I have are better. $750 for an ugly, bad sounding speaker is laughable when you can get dozens of speakers that look and sound better for less. Amir is...
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    $300 DAC with reliable power down / power up behavior

    My Topping D30Pro has no issues starting back up when power has gone out. I got mine from Apos for $300, but that appears not in stock there for $300, currently.
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    Drummers you can't mistake

    Carter Beauford has a somewhat distinct sound to me, but I'm not musically savvy.
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    Genelec Price Increase

    Potential benefit to crypto?
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    I built a sub - the Overdrive10

    Looks awesome. What are the mains?
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    Does anybody actually listen to "Hotel California" outside of gear demos? (answer: apparently so)

    Im a big Dad Rock guy. But...chsnge the station anytime Eagles or Steely Dan come on.
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    What IEMs do you own?

    Etymotic HF5's - with foam tips the isolation was incredible, loved these for flying but ultimately broke them at the plug on a flight. Brainwavz B100 or 150? - liked these, lost them amongst my stuff, wish I could find them KZ something - tangly cord, broke them at the cord to ear-piece...
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    Help me upgrade my budget system

    As this is nearfield your best options will be monitors like Genelec, Neumann or, on a budget, Kali.
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    EAC has posted DIY speakers, Samba and Overnight Sensation measurements

    I think you're on to something here. The old RS28 could be crossed lower. I used the 8" version of the Dayton RS (RS225) with various tweeters crossed around 1200-1500Hz with 24db slopes. I was doing this 15 years ago with a used $150 head unit in a car, but everything sounded great. I think if...
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    What Budget Speakers Do You Enjoy?

    JBL 530's are great when they're at $250. C-Notes were great when they were $100, then PE went nuts with price increases on everything.
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    Is it acceptable to run a subwoofer/subwoofers in an apartment building?

    It does depend on the nature of the other tenants and is a give-and-take like Doodski says. I wouldn't expect peace and quiet in an apartment complex with a lot of college aged tenants, and therefore wouldn't live there if that was a personal requirement and it was in my means to choose. I...
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    Topping L30 II Review (Headphone Amp)

    That price during this economy is incredible.
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    Stereophile's snide editorial on ASR and Amir

    People have different opinions on global warming. One side is objectively right.
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    What top coat do you guys like?

    This works best for me. I will be trying a 3m psa veneer next project.
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    CSS Criton 1TD-X "living room" build

    Great build and good photo documenting. Whered you get the veneer from?
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    Under $200 headphones (or iems) for sleeping.

    I toss and turn, too. I usually am OK. I set the DAP close enough that theres slack to turn over. I have a similar use case as OP - I need music to fall asleep but my partner likes silence. I had a cheap bluetooth headband with speakers that wasnt too bad, but it eventually died.
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    Under $200 headphones (or iems) for sleeping.

    I sleep in Blon 03's connected to a DAP. I set the DAP to my side.
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    are tower speakers necessary in 2022?

    People talking about lower extension with towers and I'm doing the opposite with my smaller speakers. I went with a smallish sealed enclosure as a natural high pass. I don't need to push my small woofers low, that's what the sub is for.
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