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    ART Precision Phono Pre Review

    I was thinking exactly the same thing….
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    AudioQuest NRG-X3 Review (AC Power Cord)

    After the reviews of usb cables, signal cables, power cables, the next nomination is for speaker cables. And the Oscar for the best waste of money goes to…. And of course, thank you Amir for your work
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    Multi-Channel, Multi-Amplifier Audio System Using Software Crossover and Multichannel-DAC

    Dear friend what a wonderful project ! I have a very little setup (stereo and multichanne) and my big issue is with the connection with a single pair of speakers. Now I’m using a self made relè board, but not satisfied at all. I’m very interested in your SP cabling board. Don’t see any physical...
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    Strange 2,5 Volts coming out from the xlr subwoofer input

    Hi everybody, using a voltage tester on the xlr input of my subwoofer, I’ve found a tension of 2,5 volts. It’s a velodyne dd12. This connection is hooked to the output of the preamp, a Benchmark HPA4. In my opinion this is very strange and above all, I’m concerned if that voltage can damage the...
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    Allo Boss2 Review (Stereo Streamer)

    Yes, thanks, I’m referring to this. I’ve tried to read the whole thread and the measurements were taken post conversion i2s to usb. The clues is: if a DAC is hooked with a i2s to i2s connection, there will be an improvement?
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    Allo Boss2 Review (Stereo Streamer)

    Exactly, so it depends on the DAC board that re-clock the signal. Yes, Amir with a set of measure could resolve this doubt. Don’t forget about i2s interface, large part of the audiophile community would be happy having some “science” reviews….
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    Allo Boss2 Review (Stereo Streamer)

    Hello everybody, I’m very interested in this streamer hooked to my external DAC. Have few questions about: A linear dc will have any positive affects ? Maybe lowering thd ? The internal DAC is connected to the rpi output of the Raspi board. Somewhere I’ve red that I2s interface in that board...
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    Room Measurement Tutorial for Dummies Part 1

    thanks a lot for the replies ! So if I Would go with something that performs an EQ I have to look to Dirac live for example ?
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    Room Measurement Tutorial for Dummies Part 1

    Hi everybody, I’ve many questions about REW, I hope someone can help me to find the right setup. First of all, I only need a stereo EQ. I use a Mac book , hooked to an external DAC via USB. The DAC goes to the pre amplifier with XLR and then the last one to the amplifier. Is it possible to use...
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    HifiBerry DAC2 HD Review (Rpi HAT)

    Around 60 hz on the FTT graph there's a spike, generally related to the power supply. I wonder if in this case a poor Walmart usb power supply is creating such noise. I agree with Micheal and I can say that my RPI 3B+ it's very hungry in power consumption and a bad 5 V power supply causes freezing.
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    HifiBerry DAC2 HD Review (Rpi HAT)

    Hi everybody, thanks to all for the large amount of informations. I’d like to know if, in this review, the board is powered by a good power supply, and how this can possibly affects the results. Thanks
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