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    Need help with room setup / REW / CamilleDSP

    Itsikhefez: I'll make a couple comments although I would consider myself a "REW in Training" user. The time domain graphs are very telling. Without treatment you have a 47dB peak at ~2 msec after the initial signal. Your brain will merge that reflection with the initial sound and make it...
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    Help in Understanding Perceived Bass Response

    I noticed that the low frequency cut off differences between 2-way and 3-way speakers ranges from “a lot” to almost nothing depending on design. I’m looking at spec sheets that quote a F3 of 37Hz with a sensitivity of 87dB using 1x 18WU mid-woofer. A similar product from the same designer...
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    Translam Active 3 Way Speaker Build

    Nice work. I'm thinking of taking a run at these Ekta mkii speakers myself. I won't have time until next year when the my "to-do" list clears. I like your cabinet design and my take would be similar to yours. I do have access to a wood shop so I'll likely do bent lamination for the sides, if...
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    Who would buy a speaker without listening to it?

    I bought a used pair of Sonus Faber Auditor M’s unheard from Audiogon. I did triangulate measurements and subjective reviews to get a good idea of what they would sound like before hand. In retrospect, the reviews were correct. Every part of my system (CD player, pre-amp, amp, speakers, cables)...
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    Toe-in, sounds stage, center image and dialog definition

    A couple comments – Toeing-in your speakers changes the HF response. See attached graph from Sonus Faber for set up recommendations. My speakers/ room response pretty much follow this graph. Smearing is a time domain problem. Look at the Filtered IR tab of REW. If you have 20dB drop before...
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    Magico A5 spinorama (CEA2034)

    I've heard a pair of Q5's in a dedicated listening room and they were impressive. The cost of this system/ room was x100 times the cost of my system. Was it x100 times better? No. Was it x10 better? No. But it was the best sounding system I've heard. Magico makes great products.
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    Catalogue of blind tests

    @Spkrdctr: I agree with you in general. However, if you change the LCR characteristics in the wire/ cable enough, especially capacitance, Macintosh believes you can send your amp into oscillation. That should be audible but not in a good way.
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    Measure your C50 in REW and tell us how your bass sounds!

    Aside from what correlation Tim is hoping to establish, I’m interested in what clarity values mean for the home audio person in general. Most of what you find on the web deals with concert halls. Example: This is a great site for listening to different Clarity 80 values for the big spaces -...
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    Any recommendations on diy speaker build kits?

    This guy has lots of ideas -
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    From a quality point of view, does it make sense to DIY loudspeakers?

    If your goal is to simply save money, I wouldn't bother with DIY. Buy used speakers instead. If your goal is to have a fun project and you have the tools and skills, then guys like can help. If your interest and knowledge are greater than most enthusiasts, you...
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    Klipsch Heresy IV Speaker Review

    @hardisj: Very thorough review. I still have my Heresy I’s from back in the day although my primary speakers are these Italian jobs (SF). I find the SF to be more accurate/ realistic sounding on vocals. For some recording artists, that’s not a good thing. The Klipsch can rescue these less...
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    Share your in-room measurements?

    I'm impressed with how flat most of the submitted SPL charts have been even without EQ. Here are my Sonus Faber monitors. My problem is mostly in the time domain. I've been considering subwoofers for awhile now to extend the low end. I would run the gauntlet if I knew I would like the...
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    Share your in-room measurements?

    @Fledermaus: How did you flatten your bell shaped RT60 curve? I have a similar problem in my large mixed use listening room but cannot add lots of room treatment.
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    Live vs. recorder

    I prefer live recordings (Horowitz in Moscow, Trinity Sessions, etc.) The ambient noises give a “you are there” quality. And maybe the sound engineers fuss with the sound less. Others have remarked how musicians listen thru the crappy recording to hear the virtuosity of the playing. I...
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    Acoustic Measurements: Understanding Time and Frequency

    There are a number of folks who contend that fixing problems in the time domain fixes things in the frequency domain. They focus a lot on ETC graphs in an attempt to reduce the Hass effect. There is a member here on ASR (if he is the same person who posts on Gearslutz) who is more than...
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    The Most Audiophool Thing You Own

    I replaced my 120V back stab power outlet with a Hubbel hospital grade outlet. Cost $14 on eBay. Did it make a difference? Hard to say. It was impossible to A/B the new vs old set up given that the old marginal connection had 30 years of oxidation on it and once scraped off, impossible to...
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    Is Measuring Room Acoustics "Worth It" If You Don't Have Audyssey or Other Active Room EQ?

    I would echo what has been said about getting REW and measuring. It was a lot of fun for me and you can quickly and objectively optimize the speaker/ listener placement in a room. I have a modest amount of DIY room treatment and chose not to EQ.
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    How do great sounding domestic listening rooms measure?

    I think the cognoscenti would say that RT60 metric does not apply to small rooms because the diffuse requirement is not met. RT60 is also a function of room volume so one value doesn’t fit all. My point is that there is a certain amount of preference to all this. There is at least one...
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    Sonus Faber Sonetto II Measurements (now with a spinorama)

    Napilopez: Nice review. I have a pair of the Cremona Auditor M’s and agree with most of what you say about Sonus Faber speakers. My owner's manual recommends either an equilateral or isosceles triangle set up. SF provided a representative SPL graphs so you can get an idea of the sound from...
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